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7-Figure Sales Machine OTO 1st to 5th reviews: There is a front end offer and 5 other OTOs. The 1st 7-Figure Sales Machine OTO is Advanced Walkthrough, the 2nd 7-Figure Sales Machine OTO is AI Faceless Videos, the 3rd 7-Figure Sales Machine OTO is AI Prompts Pack, the 4th 7-Figure Sales Machine OTO is YouTube Masterclass, the 5th 7-Figure Sales Machine OTO is Coaching With Dave. There are no other down sells. The product is by Dave Espino and Jeremy Kennedy. All the links >>>

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FE: 7-Figure Sales Machine
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OTO 1: 7-Figure Sales Machine - Advanced Walkthrough

OTO 2: 7-Figure Sales Machine - AI Faceless Videos

OTO 3: 7-Figure Sales Machine - AI Prompts Pack

OTO 4: 7-Figure Sales Machine - YouTube Masterclass

OTO 5: 7-Figure Sales Machine - Coaching With Dave


YouTube is always the best marketing channel for businesses. It’s hard to replace this giant search-video platform and there seems to be no competitor here. With millions of active users, YouTube offers unparalleled reach and engagement, making it an indispensable tool for any business looking to expand its online presence.

Understanding the immense potential of this platform, many people try to build up their channel but it is not an easy task. Like a wave of the number of viewers, YouTubers rise significantly and in order to get recognized, you need some strategies because uploading videos originally doesn’t work at the moment.

I am excited to introduce “7-Figure Sales Machine” – a revolutionary product designed to help businesses harness the power of Youtube and maximize their online visibility.

With 7-Figure Sales Machine, businesses can effortlessly create and promote their videos, gain more views, and drive more traffic to their website. So if you’re looking to take your online marketing to the next level, 7-Figure Sales Machine is the perfect solution for you.

Let’s delve into this dept to know which costly feature of this training is worth your time and money.

7-Figure Sales Machine is a step-by-step training that shows you exactly how you enter a new niche quickly, create a YouTube Channel, get followers quickly, and leverage all of that for massive authority and unlimited free targeted traffic.

Thanks to Jeremy Kennedy, I get the results I wanted

7-Figure Sales Machine is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to build a successful YouTube channel and achieve a range of results

With 7-Figure Sales Machine, you can discover the method to build up your own YouTube channel to sell physical, and digital products, brand yourself as an expert, build email lists that generate ongoing profits, and offer high-end services.

From this comprehensive training to ‘done for you’ resources and ‘cheat sheets”, it enables you to drive more traffic and increase your subscribers even though you don’t show your face in front of the camera and make sure your videos are always on the top trending and get high rank.

7-Figure Sales Machine is step-by-step to walk you through from the first step to the moment you achieve victory. You become YT experts without having skills or experience.

It could be said that you will not follow the old path like setting up the camera, preparing the content, and recording yourself. If you want to know how to be a master, let’s join 7-Figure Sales Machine today.


Vendor Jeremy Kennedy
Product 7-Figure Sales Machine
Launch Date 2024-Jan-05
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $12.95
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Video
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


For example, inside this amazing YouTube training, you’ll learn:

  • How to create the videos so they generate TONS of email leads
  • How to use AI to create videos FOR YOU so you AUTOMATE the process
  • How to get massive FREE TRAFFIC from YouTube by giving YouTube what it wants
  • How this system automatically warms up your leads so they turn into HUNGRY BUYERS of ANYTHING you want to sell
  • The BEST way to use video to sell lots of your products, services and  affiliate offers…  (and it’s NOT what you think…)
  • How to turn this into a giant “tribe” an ever-growing audience and list of people who are ready to buy, IMMEDIATELY

And not only that, but we’re also showing you a LEVERAGED SYSTEM that you can plug and play to build entire FACELESS YOUTUBE CHANNELS that work for you on Autopilot!

(We use AI to create the most amazing, professional videos that you can plug right into this system so you never have to be on camera!)

You can do this from anywhere in the world and you can build a massive business using YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world…




The critical importance of WARMING UP your cold leads so they easily and effortlessly buy from you.

This amazing YouTube Sales Machine System does this for you automatically AND effortlessly. (It’s pretty dang ingenious, how it does it, too. You’ll learn more on the inside)


Using the power and leverage of EMAIL MARKETING and combining that with the FREE LEADS that YouTube gives us automatically so that you build an ever-growing list of your BEST PROSPECTS!

We use it in such a genius way that our prospects NEVER FEEL PRESSURED TO BUY from us, but instead, they feel like it’s THEIR DECISION to buy!

And they do, over and over and over again!


Applying multiple “LEVERAGE HACKS” that dramatically speed up our results – and do it with minimal effort!

And let me be brutally honest with you, if you don’t believe you can commit A LITTLE BIT OF TIME to your business –it’s probably time to get a job!


7-Figure Sales Machine FE ($13)

This “Better-Than-Free-Traffic” System Is Something You’ve Never Seen Before… Because NOW, You Can Actually GET PAID To Generate Traffic, Leads & SALES!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out your online journey, or if you’ve been around for years like we are…  7-Figure Sales Machine will make your life easier, will allows you to monetize it in a number of ways, and will eliminate all your expensive monthly fees from all other providers!

7-Figure Sales Machine - OTO Details

Consider the following upsell opportunities to your entrepreneurial toolkit, further refining your ability to maximize profits and reach your goals.

Here they are:

FE: 7-Figure Sales Machine
>>>Grab The Early Bird Offer

OTO 1: 7-Figure Sales Machine - Advanced Walkthrough

OTO 2: 7-Figure Sales Machine - AI Faceless Videos

OTO 3: 7-Figure Sales Machine - AI Prompts Pack

OTO 4: 7-Figure Sales Machine - YouTube Masterclass

OTO 5: 7-Figure Sales Machine - Coaching With Dave


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Real Traffic from YouTube Really Fast? My 7 Figure Sales Machine Review and Custom Bonus

Drive record amounts of traffic and do it entirely in an automated fashion does that sound cool if so you are going to love what I have to tell you about in my review of seven figure Sales Machine let's get right into [Music] this okay we going to try something a little bit different today I know I usually do my whole uh thing with Neil Caffrey and everything else but I wanted to get right into this because this is really really exciting my friend Jeremy and his partner Dave are putting together this brand new course it's called seven figure sales machine or YouTube Sales Machine I guess they decide to change it Midway through this one is really really awesome so uh I don't want to waste time you know the drill if you are new make sure you goad and smash subscribe button H the Bell icon to be notified blah blah blah blah blah I'm not even going to bother with that whole thing you know let's just get right into this and see how things go okay so we're looking at the sales page right now for the uh seven figure Sales Machine now this is a brand new course from Dave Espino Dave actually worked with Jeremy many years ago it's interesting backstory uh Jeremy was tell me that he used to work with uh Dave many many years ago uh doing phone sales before he got into doing internet marketing similar to the way the way I started I started in phone sales as well uh I used to do uh moving sales actually I used to help people move across the United States uh and there me something similar but Dave has been doing this for many many years he's kind of new in the internet marketing world but not new at driving traffic and you can see here the results of what he's been doing with this particular method okay $33,000 in sales 1,525 subscribers 361 paid subscribers okay they're each paying $19 a month okay for his newsletter this is a method that he has developed using YouTube in order to be able to drive serious gos of traffic to a recurring newsletter that he creates and sells and gets a lot of money for it now the only catch I'm going to show you the memb in just a second but the only catch with this method is you still got to create YouTube videos and I know a lot of people really don't feel like creating YouTube videos now he did add on a little something talking about a way to automate it I'm not really impressed with the method they use for automa I am impressed with the method they use for automating the traffic on YouTube that's great but I wanted you to have something much much better so I am throwing in my own course which is coming up very soon you're going to get Advanced access to one of my courses this is a full-fledged product this is not just another uh another um mini course I put together it's a full-fledged proct that I created which you can actually use to go ahead and actually uh uh create videos using AI you don't have to appear on camera you do not have to write scripts you do not have to speak you do not have to put together the video clips everything is done for you with AI it just takes a couple of minutes and it's literally just point click everything is done for you through the AI system all completely automated no work involved for you you just go ahead and start popping them out and profiting endlessly it's super simple I want to show you the m in just a sec but before I do I also want to tell you about the other bonuses I have because I do have a whole bunch of really cool bonuses for you on this particular product so uh on this particular product in addition to giv giving away uh my uh brand new course undeniable I'm also going to give you another course on how to make instant websites using a simple prompt you don't to do any work just go ahead and use the prompt and it starts up the websites immediately but I'm not done yet I'm also going to give you my course sales page Secrets why some sales Pages seem to make a ridiculous amount of money this comes with full plr so you can go ahead and start using it immediately sell it as your own Give It Away whatever you want you can ALS also I'm going to give you my course on how to make money by giving stuff away for free I'm also going to give my course on how to make how to get completely free advertising and you're going to get my course on how to use uh free software to create podcasts and finally I'm going to give you my course on the secrets behind great headlines that get results okay all of these are going to come with full plr rights you can sell them you can give them away use them as your own bonus you can even mention me as the Creator which is a very rare thing in plr most plr you're not allowed to use the name of the person who created it I don't mind go ahead and put my name out there that you that I'm one to created these things you get the right to use all of these courses uh as you see fit okay so you're going to get the total of seven courses from me in addition to Dave and Jeremy's course all for just $12 95 yeah that is is that insane okay so let me show you the members area real quick here uh it's basically just a PDF uh with links to videos but you can see here the introduction the foundations to using this system okay how he how he created it now basically what he's going to do is he's going to show you how he's able to leverage YouTube traffic to really get people to buy in and he's going to show you how to do with newsletter uh using several different platforms so you can actually start making serious money from it and going to show you how to set up these newsletters in order to be able to make money from these things okay it's really really an amazing amazing course uh he's also going to sh share with you his secrets to bulk video creation Now I recommend you use my course on bulk video creation because this is going to get you easier uh easier videos and the most important thing I think is the SEO strategy to rank videos on YouTube and Google this is stuff that I did not have that I really uh wish I'd had before that I am super excited about he does have a bonus here talking about uh some software that he's that he found that he's been using to make some automative videos I personally prefer my own method which is much more comprehensive and creates really really high quality videos when I started using that method I was able to get thousands of views on the videos I was creating I've stopped for a little while I'm going back to it now uh because I think that it does work really really well I was just focusing on getting uh some products put together so I didn't focus on doing that but now that I'm done with getting the pro together I'm going to start going going back to that and really start pumping out more YouTube traffic and start building the channel up even further okay so uh yeah let's see if I'm going to formally give a tip of my hat to the product Creator or not for those who are not aware that's how we work here if I like product I will give a dip has the product cre if I don't well better luck next time so uh let's see what happens that he really hit that out of the park seriously you hit you really really hit this one out of the Park this is awesome uh the guy behind me if he wasn't a painting he'd be tipping his hat like I'm tipping my hat the other guy behind me he's tuning his horn because he's really really excited about this grab this this one is really going to set things on fire for you you're going to love it