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AI BulkShorts OTO – Introduction

I wanted to talk about the latest A.I. tech app release…

Traffic generation has been a great challenge for all the marketers, influencers or any online business owners. Since COVID, the use of videos has grown. With the introduction of vertical videos – YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels & TikTok, It is easy to generate traffic…

  • People are addicted to these videos.
  • They are scrolling every minute.
  • They are glued to the mobile screen more than a Computer or TV.

It’s really simple now:

“More Shorts, Reels, TikTok videos You Make = More Traffic You Generate”

BUT there is a problem – Not everyone knows how to create these videos…

  • Challenge #1. Not everyone is comfortable coming in front of the camera.
  • Challenge #2. Not everyone can create Shorts/reels/TikTok easily.
  • Challenge #3. Not everyone has multiple tools to record & edit such videos.
  • Challenge #4. Not everyone has so much time to spare.


So, We have combined the power of ChatGPT & Our Most Advanced Youtube Shorts maker. It’s called – “AI BulkShorts”. It’s 100% Automated! You don’t even need to edit anything!

With this you can create 100s of shorts/reel videos just by entering one keyword!

Simply Enter Your Keyword & Hit “Generate” & You’ll Have Your 100s of Shorts Ready Within A Few Minutes!

For more details, please keep reading my AI BulkShorts Review.

AI BulkShorts OTO – Overview

Vendor Ram Rawat
Product AI BulkShorts
Launch Date 2023-Nov-08
Launch Time 10:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Coupon Code BULK3
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


If you buy it through my referral link, I will give you a special reward from me. This reward will help you earn more money when combined with AI BulkShorts.

OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End!

AI BulkShorts OTO – What is it?

“AI BulkShorts” Is The World’s First 100% A.I. Driven App That Creates Hundreds Of Shorts Without Any Editing In Any Niche With A Single Keyword!

First To The Market App, That Creates 100s Of Shorts With Just Entering 1-Keyword.

AI BulkShorts OTO – Features and Benefits


  • With Just One Click Turn One Keyword Into Hundreds Of Videos In Seconds.
  • Create Bulk Shorts Using Awesomeness of ChatGPT4 and SDXL Tech.
  • 3 Different Powerful Modes to Create Video – Easy, Advanced & Hyper.
  • It’s 3 Different Modes Suited for all Users, whether you are a Beginner or Pro, We have Our App Sorted for YOU!
  • Get Complete Video Content and Images Generated By Customized Prompts for Exceptional Results.
  • Human Emotion Based VoiceOver Generator for Your Videos.
  • Fully-Fledged Yet SIMPLE Editor To Customize Your Videos.
  • Ability to Generate Amazing AI Images Based on Your Video Script.
  • SDXL & Dall-E Based AI Image Generator for Short Videos.
  • AI Video Script Generator.
  • Enhanced Audio Editor to Mix Your Own Background Music.
  • Add Your Own Branding in Your Videos.
  • Unparalleled CTA’s to Improve Video Engagement & Traffic.
  • Freedom to Add Emoji, CTA buttons, Animated Gifs, Lower Thirds, Arrows, Social Media Buttons.
  • Viral Shorts Finder.
  • Guaranteed Approval on All our Offers + DFY Swipes.
  • 84 Million Premium Stock Images, Videos and Music.
  • Export Your Video in Reels/Shorts Format in Just 1 Click!


This helps anyone create 100s of shorts/reel videos just by entering one keyword!

✅ Create 100s of shorts/reel videos without any script

✅ Create 100s of shorts/reel videos without any editing

✅ Create 100s of shorts/reel videos without any content

✅ Create 100s of shorts/reel videos without any hard work

✅ Create 100s of shorts/reel videos without any learning curve.

AI BulkShorts OTO – How Does It Work?

You’re Just 3 Steps Away! From Dominating EVERY Video Platform On Earth…

  • STEP #1: Keyword: Just Enter One Keyword Into Our Intuitive Dashboard, Or Select From Our 245+ DFY Niches.
  • STEP #2: Syndicate: Unleash Hundreds Of Videos On TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, And More.
  • STEP #3: Profit: Yup That’s It. Everytime We Create A New Campaign, We Wake Up To Money Like $500 – $1000 Per Day.

All You Need Is To Enter A Keyword, And Rest Is Done-For-You On The Backend…

AI BulkShorts OTO – My Experience Using It?

I was a beta tester for this software and will now demonstrate how to utilize it.

You may rely on my advice. Every word in this essay is based on my actual experience, and I will do my best to keep it as genuine as possible.

Here Is What “AI BulkShorts” Is Capable Of…

👉Create Bulk Shorts Using Embedded AI and SDXL Tech

We can confidently say that AI BulkShorts is the most robust AI app on the market… It’s the only app that leverages embedded AI…

Combine it with the new SDXL technology To create short videos for you in bulk… With a click…

👉3 Different Powerful Modes to Create a Video.

Doesn’t matter what level you are in…

We included 3 different mode for you to create videos…

Starts with just entering a keyword, and letting the app do everything for you…

Or you can get more involved, and start editing and customizing the video. It’s up to you.

👉Human Emotion VoiceOver Generator for Your Videos

Without paying for a voiceactor…

AI BulkShorts will generate voiceOvers that are identical to any human voice…

You can use multiple languages, and choose from dozens of accents.

👉SDXL & Dall-E Based AI Image Generator for Short Videos

Wanna generate AI images for your videos?

Easy, AI BulkShorts will come with SDXL and Dall-E integrations…

That will let you generate insane images with the keyword

👉Enhanced Audio Editor to Mix Your Own Background Music

Wanna put your own voice over the video?

Easy, AI BulkShorts comes with an audio editor that will let you enhance and manipulate any audio you want

👉CTA’s to Improve Video Engagement & Traffic

Convert more viewers into customers

By including CTA’s on your videos…

Without doing anything technical…

Just drag and drop. And you are done

👉Guaranteed Approval on All our Offers + DFY Swipes

We will give you access to promote all of our offers…

Those offers combined made well over $10,000,000 in sales…

And you will get access to promote every single one of them…

👉84 Million Premium Stock Images, Videos and Music

Access to over 80,000,000 stock images and videos

That you can freely use in your videos

Without paying a penny for any stock images websites…

👉Export Your Video in Reels/Shorts Format in Just 1 Click!

One click is all what it takes…

AI BulkShorts will export tons of videos in any format you want with just one click…

All It Takes Is 1 Keyword… AI BulkShorts Does It All!

All It Takes Is 1 Keyword

That’s The Only Thing That You Need To Do…

Literally, You Only Have One Job Is To Enter A Keyword And Click “Generate”.

After That, “AI BulkShorts” Will Take Care Of The Rest.

AI BulkShorts Will Write All The Scripts

After You Enter Your Keyword, AI BulkShorts Will Start By Generating Hundreds Of Video Scripts.

And We Are Not Talking About Some Random Scripts. These Are Scripts That Will Turn Everyone Who Watches Your Videos Into A Loyal Fan, And Customers.

AI BulkShorts Will Create All The Voiceovers

Scripts only is not very beneficial.

That’s why AI BulkShorts, will take those scripts, and turn them into AI voiceovers.

But none of those robotic, unrealistic voices…

AI BulkShorts comes with hundreds of human-like voices in dozens of accents and languages, to ensure that your videos will 100% sounds human…

AI BulkShorts Will Generate AI Animation

Now That We Have Our Voiceovers. It’s Time To Generate The Actual Videos.

Again, Like All Of The Other Steps. You Don’t Have To Do Anything. Everything Is Done For You On The Background.

AI BulkShorts Will Automatically Create Stunning And Viral Videos For You In Seconds.

And I’m Not Talking About 1 Or 2 Videos. We Are Talking About Hundreds Of Unique Videos.

AI BulkShorts Will Generate All “Titles, Descriptions, etc…”

This Is The Final Step…

After AI BulkShorts Generated All Of Our Videos… It Will Give Us Highly Optimized Title, Descriptions, And Even Tags.

To Use On Each Platform… Ensuring That Our Videos Go Viral!

AI BulkShorts Will Give You Hundreds Of DFY Videos

That’s It…

Now You Will Have Hundreds Of Unique And Viral Videos, Based On The Keyword You Entered.

All Of That Happens On The Background…

All It Takes From Entering Your Keyword, To Getting Your Videos Is Just A Few Minutes.


MY OPINION: It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out your online journey, or if you’ve been around for years like we are… AI BulkShorts will make your life easier, will allows you to monetize it in a number of ways, and will eliminate all your expensive monthly fees from all other providers!

​Pros and Cons


  • With Just One Click Turn One Keyword Into Hundreds Of Videos In Seconds.
  • No Editing, Recording, Animating, Or Any Of That Everything Is Done By AI.
  • Generate Thousands Of Clicks Every Hour Without Paying For Ads.  
  • Generate Viral And Converting Videos Without Paying For Any Expensive Apps.
  • AI Monetization Turns Our Views Into Cold Hard Cash.
  • No Complicated Setup – Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes.
  • Dominate All “Short-Videos” Platforms At Once.
  • The Only App That Hard-Coded With AI And Uses an embedded AI Model.
  • Instantly Conquer 5 Billion Buyers With Just One App.
  • Never hire a video editor ever again in your life.
  • Never Pay Monthly Again, Just Pay Once And Enjoy Forever.
  • No Need To Buy Any Other Expensive Or Complicated Apps.
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee.


  • Indeed, I haven’t found any other issue with AI BulkShorts software so far.

Who should use it?

AI BulkShorts Is PERFECT For:

  • Email Marketers: Boost your email engagement & conversions with interactive elements that captivate your subscribers.
  • Digital Marketers: Enhance your marketing campaigns with interactive emails that stand out & generate more leads & sales.
  • Ecom Store Owners: Drive more sales & increase customer engagement by incorporating interactive elements in your email campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Maximize your affiliate promotions with interactive emails that grab attention & drive clicks & conversions.
  • Content Creators: Elevate your content marketing strategy by using interactive emails to engage your audience & drive traffic to your website or blog.
  • Small Business Owners: Level up your email marketing efforts with interactive emails that create a personalized & engaging experience for your customers.
  • Social Media Influencers: Amplify your social media presence by including interactive elements in your emails that encourage followers to engage & share your content.

Price and Evaluation


Use Code – ‘BULKSHORTS‘ For $4 Off On FE.

Funnel Details:

AI BulkShorts has 1 front-end and 6 OTOs as below:

✅AI BulkShorts – FE: (Price: $17.95)

✅AI BulkShorts – Pro – OTO1: (Price: $37)

  • Create Up To 100 Shorts Per Day
  • Unlimited AI Video Scripts
  • Unlimited AI Image Generation
  • Whitelabel Your OWN VIDEOS with Unlimited Video Brandings
  • Unlimited Video Renderings
  • Unlock Hyper Mode of Creating Video
  • Ability to Create Upto 20 Video from Just 1 Keyword in Single Shot
  • Upscale Any Image into 4K Resolution
  • Upscale any Video into 4K Format
  • Unlimited Viral Shorts Finder

✅AI BulkShorts – DFY Edition – OTO2: (Price: $77)

  • Let us give you our profitable campaigns that is proven to make us money.
  • Get 50 Profitable Campaigns Inside Your Account Instantly without waiting or doing any extra work.
  • Instantly skip all the guesswork and testing, And jump straight to profit.
  • Start Getting DFY Sales As Fast As Today.
  • Get every drop of the profit out of AI BulkShorts.

✅AI BulkShorts – Traffic Edition – OTO3: (Price: $77)

  • Turn ANY (Even The Oldest, Lamest) Video On The Web Into Your Own VIRAL Social Micro Videos
  • Schedule 100s of videos in 1-click and keep generating free traffic for months.
  • Perfect For Video Ads, Viral Videos & Hundreds Of Other Video Content Types
  • Convert 1 Video Into Multiple (Up to 20) Micro-Videos In 1 Click
  • Mass Edit All Videos At Once In 1-Click
  • Commercial License Included

✅AI BulkShorts – Fast Profit Edition – OTO4: (Price: $77)

  • Copy my exact method that I use whenever I need a quick cash.
  • Get paid in your account in 30 minutes or less.
  • No upfront cost and no work required.
  • Unlock premium customer support.

✅AI BulkShorts – Agency Edition – OTO5: (Price: $77)

  • Let Us Do All The Hard Work For You
  • We Will Setup The Entire Business For You…
  • Replicate Our Business Instantly

✅AI BulkShorts – Reseller Edition – OTO6: (Price: $147)

  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of AI BulkShorts
  • 50-250 Accounts
  • With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions
  • Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Agency Dashboard in 1 Click
  • We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients
  • Low 1-Time Fee During The Launch Period


It is only fair for such a steal deal to last for a limited period. First movers can take unprecedented advantage of this sophisticated technology.

With this in mind, it means that AI BulkShorts access spots are extremely limited and are only AI BulkShortslable to those who are first come first served. Thank you for reading my AI BulkShorts Review. Give it an honest try and let me know what you think ; )