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AI Tutor OTO Review: New AI App Create Udemy-Like Websites And Fill Them With AI-Generated Courses

Creating courses is far from enjoyable; producing exceptional content demands considerable time and expertise. However, with AI Tutor, course creation becomes a breeze.

Leveraging the finest AI model available, AI Tutor swiftly generates complete courses of remarkable quality in less than 30 seconds. These aren’t just random courses; they are meticulously crafted and guaranteed to amaze you and your customers.

In addition, we need not concern ourselves with website development. Why should we? It’s a labor-intensive process that consumes valuable time. Once again, AI Tutor comes to the rescue, empowering us to create a Udemy-like website effortlessly.

This platform works tirelessly, promoting and selling our courses 24/7 without interruption. Its design transforms all visitors into paying customers, streamlining the conversion process.

Remarkably, we can even bid farewell to marketing efforts. AI Tutor takes care of it automatically, attracting hundreds of customers daily. We need not spend a penny on advertisements or wait for results. The app’s automated capabilities ensure a constant influx of customers, further amplifying our success.

To explore AI Tutor’s features and advantages in-depth, I invite you to delve into my comprehensive AI Tutor Review below. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey in online education!


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In a rapidly expanding e-learning market valued at over $320 billion, major players like Udemy, Lynda, and Coursera rake in millions of dollars each month. Now, you can claim your share of this lucrative pie without lifting a finger.

Let me introduce AI TutorAi, a game-changing platform that harnesses the true power of ChatGPT to effortlessly create high-quality video courses in any niche you desire.

Gone are the days of cobbling together articles and calling them courses. With AI Tutor, you can expect courses that command hundreds of dollars from eager learners, achieved with a simple click.

But there’s more. AI Tutor also crafts stunning and highly converting websites, reminiscent of Udemy, to sell your courses on your behalf. No need for ad campaigns or social media spamming; AI Tutor takes care of it all.

But wait, there’s an additional benefit. AI Tutor creates a dedicated sales funnel for each course you create, igniting your sales to grow exponentially. This new web app generates and hosts an entire e-learning site similar to Udemy, Skillshare, or Coursera and ensures your site ranks itself on Google, driving real search traffic every day.

E-learning is booming, with the industry exceeding $350 billion, and Udemy alone has experienced over 100% growth in just one year. A popular e-learning site can lead to substantial profits.

However, manually creating and populating an e-learning platform like Udemy is daunting. That’s precisely why AI TutorAi automates the entire process, allowing you to claim your slice of the e-learning pie without the laborious manual work.

AI TutorAi provides all the necessary tools for creating and selling your course, making course creation fast and easy. Utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, you can generate compelling sales page copy, captivating email campaigns, lead generation funnels, and persuasive sales video scripts. The possibilities are endless.

With AI TutorAi, you can build your course at lightning-fast speeds. AI assists you in designing a course structure within seconds and rapidly generates course content, leaving you to make edits and add the finishing touches.

Whether you publish your course privately or publicly, sell it independently, or export it to your preferred learning management system (LMS), AI TutorAi has covered you.

Delight your students with engaging and interactive content. Build visually appealing courses with videos, quizzes, and more, fostering a motivating e-learning experience that captivates your audience.

This user-friendly platform is a true push-button solution. Never before have you seen anything quite like AI TutorAi. With just three simple steps, you can get started: choose your niche from a selection of in-demand skill niches, name your site, and click a button—done!

AI TutorAi creates, designs, and hosts an entire e-learning site for you, complete with a catalog of exceptional courses ready for sale. And that’s not all—it generates fresh, original content daily, ensuring your site ranks on Google and attracts 24/7 search traffic.

This autopilot software is a groundbreaking innovation unlike anything that has come before. Set it up once, and you’re done. Content, courses, monetization, and traffic generation—are all handled for you with just one click.

Don’t hesitate to explore the subsequent sections of this AI Tutor Review, where I’ll demonstrate the immense power of this platform. Prepare to be amazed!


Vendor: Anjani Kumar
Product: AI Tutor
Launch Date: 2023-Sep-09
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
Recommendation: Highly Recommend
Use Coupon Code: AITutorVIP
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Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Software


Discover the Limitless Possibilities with AI Tutor:

  • Permeable Expertise Framework

Uncover the secrets of the 4-Step “Borrowed Expertise” strategy that empowers you to effortlessly create in-demand courses, gaining the support of top affiliates who will eagerly promote your offerings.

Learn how to leverage copyright-free information sources to create high-converting courses that captivate your audience. Find the most profitable course topics that align with the promotions of top affiliates, making your offers irresistible to both them and their buyers.

  • Done-for-You Course Content

1. Gain an advantageous head start with ready-to-use, copyright-free course content that can be easily repurposed into your own highly successful video courses.

2. Establish yourself as an expert without the need for extensive studying or researching.

3. Choose from thousands of profitable topics spanning over 100 niches, igniting your passion and driving your success.

  • Done-for-You Course Templates

1. Amplify the value of your courses tenfold with proven structures that captivate and engage your students.

2. Avoid common course creation pitfalls that hinder sales and discourage affiliate promotion.

3. Cultivate a devoted following eagerly anticipating your next product release.

4. Effortlessly plug your content into these pre-designed templates in minutes, allowing you to launch your first course in record time.

  • AI Tutor AI Video Course Creation Software

1. Create impressive video courses in a single afternoon without ever needing to appear on camera.

2. Bid farewell to technical headaches and save days or weeks with each course you create.

3. Access a free library of high-quality stock images, ensuring your courses are visually stunning.

4 Scale your income effortlessly by rapidly creating courses and establishing multiple passive income streams.

AI Tutor has you covered with all the necessary features, eliminating the need for additional software. And with the included commercial license, you can even offer “Course Creation” as a service for additional revenue streams.

  • Generate AI Courses

With a simple click, unleash the power of AI Tutor’s AI model to effortlessly generate high-quality video courses in any niche, all without lifting a finger. Harness the capabilities of AI technology to revolutionize your course creation process.

  • Create Course Curriculum

AI Tutor automates the organization of each course, ensuring a seamless user experience that encourages increased spending on your platform. Streamline navigation for your customers and enhance their satisfaction.

  • Create Your E-Learning Portal

In less than 30 seconds, AI Tutor creates a visually stunning website reminiscent of Udemy, showcasing and selling your courses on your behalf. No technical experience is required, as AI Tutor handles all your intricacies.

  • Integrate Your AutoResponder

Seamlessly collect leads by integrating AI Tutor with your preferred autoresponder, optimizing your email marketing efforts.

  • Accept Payments

Effortlessly start collecting payments using your preferred payment processor, as AI Tutor seamlessly integrates with various options.

  • Create Funnels

For each course you create, AI Tutor generates a unique funnel that supercharges your sales and attracts hundreds, if not thousands, of paying customers. Scale your business with ease.

  • Write Your Follow-Up Emails

Maximize your earnings by leveraging AI Tutor’s built-in AI generator, crafting compelling follow-up emails that drive course sales and customer engagement.

  • Generate VSLs

Showcase your courses with professional video sales letters (VSLs) that captivate your audience without hiring a video editor or recording content yourself.

  • Generate Coupons

Generate exclusive discount codes with a simple click, enabling you to run limited-time promotions or offer special deals to your customers.

  • Drive Traffic

AI Tutor eliminates the need to invest in paid traffic by automatically driving thousands of organic clicks to your platform, all on autopilot and free of charge.

  • Line Up Customers

Watch as AI Tutor seamlessly converts your incoming traffic into paying customers without manual intervention. Witness your customer base grow effortlessly.

  • Automate Everything

Leave the heavy lifting to AI Tutor as it automates every aspect of your course creation and marketing journey. Sit back and enjoy the benefits of 100% autopilot operation.


Unlocking the Power of AI Tutor: Your Gateway to Effortless E-Learning Success – Revolutionizing Course Creation and Marketing with AI Tutor


When it comes to utilizing AI Tutor, you have very little to do. The process is straightforward: choose the type of courses you desire, and let AI Tutor take care of the rest.

This powerful app will create a complete Udemy-like website and generate exceptional AI courses you can sell, allowing you to retain 100% of the profit. But that’s not all – AI Tutor goes the extra mile by handling the promotion on your behalf, maximizing your potential for impressive earnings.


AI Tutor is the sole app capable of effortlessly creating AI courses for you. While others must invest thousands of dollars in developing just one course, AI Tutor removes those obstacles entirely. In less than a minute, you can have everything taken care of, eliminating any roadblocks that might impede your progress.


With AI Tutor, crafting your first Udemy-like website is only four clicks away. Begin by logging into our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. Next, select your niche or enter a keyword, and let AI Tutor’s advanced AI technology do the heavy lifting.

Watch in awe as AI Tutor creates stunning and fully operational Udemy-like courses, seamlessly promoting them on your behalf. With hundreds of new customers coming in daily, you’ll witness lucrative paydays like never before.


Bid farewell to the tedious and time-consuming process of researching and creating courses. AI Tutor takes care of it by automatically generating comprehensive video courses from scratch. Regardless of the niche you wish to explore, AI Tutor’s AI capabilities will deliver exceptional results without any effort on your part.

You no longer need to worry about researching topics or designing a website, as AI Tutor handles these tasks flawlessly. In less than 30 seconds, your professional Udemy-like website will be up and running, ready to captivate your target audience and drive sales.


With AI Tutor, there’s no need to pay for traffic or wait endlessly for customers to discover your courses. AI Tutor has a built-in traffic generator that actively markets your courses, attracting a constant flow of interested learners. Experience the benefits of automated traffic without any additional cost or effort.


Automation is the backbone of a thriving e-learning business, and AI Tutor understands its significance. From configuring automation processes to managing customer support, AI Tutor handles it seamlessly in the background. Focus on growing your empire while AI Tutor takes care of the complex setups.


Building effective funnels is a key strategy for boosting sales but often requires significant investment. AI Tutor eliminates this concern by providing high-converting funnels at no extra cost.

Avoid the hefty price tag of hiring experts, and leverage AI Tutor’s expertise in creating sales-driven funnels for your courses. Benefit from ready-made landing pages, captivating video sales letters (VSLs), and persuasive emails designed to maximize your online sales potential.


AI Tutor opens doors to the booming e-learning industry with just one click. Even tech giants like IBM, Google, and Microsoft have invested billions in their e-learning platforms for profitability and staff training. Embrace this growing market and leverage AI Tutor’s simplicity and power to tap into lucrative opportunities.


Believe it or not, you can make substantial profits using AI Tutor even without an existing business. By selling online courses, you can capitalize on AI Tutor’s automated capabilities. Let AI Tutor do the heavy lifting while you collect the rewards, making the process incredibly straightforward.


Concerned about finding clients? AI Tutor has you covered with its built-in customer aggregator, setting it apart from competitors. Regardless of your niche or experience level, AI Tutor will line up eager customers for you. Enjoy a steady flow of learners ready to enroll in your courses, ensuring the growth and success of your business.

Let’s check my demo video below to see it in action!


Are you tired of promoting other people’s businesses as an affiliate marketer, earning pennies for your efforts? Do you desire a reliable online income that continues to flow, whether you’re actively working or not? If so, then prepare to have your world turned upside down by a groundbreaking underground method known as “Borrowed Expertise.”

This innovative approach can transform new marketers into instant experts practically overnight. Imagine creating long-term passive income streams that pay you repeatedly for work you only do once.

Envision building a dedicated army of affiliates eager to promote your products, even if you’re a newcomer to course creation. Picture witnessing 5- and 6-figure launches on esteemed platforms like JV Zoo and Warrior Plus without relying on paid traffic or an extensive email list.

Picture this: making $22,865 in just seven days from an $8.20 product that took you only a few hours to create. Enter Daniel Adetunji’s AI Tutor AI, a game-changer that enables you to replicate these steps, creating your video courses and generating sales on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus in less than 24 hours.

If you’re serious about earning consistent income from work, you only do once and crave a competitive edge few marketers possess; AI Tutor AI is tailor-made for you. It presents an easy, evergreen method to improve your future in numerous ways:

  1. A 99% passive income stream once the setup is complete.
  2. Targeted and risk-free traffic is the key to online profitability, starting with a budget as low as $5.
  3. No technical skills are required; AI Tutor AI’s design ensures simplicity and provides an easily understandable system.
  4. Part-time operation is feasible, with many individuals achieving success on this basis.
  5. Scalability is effortless, allowing you to invest more once you start earning.
  6. A proven and tested method to generate money, provided it is executed correctly.
  7. Anyone, even complete newbies, can achieve remarkable results using this system.
  8. Potential to generate long-term income and build authoritative assets that continue to generate revenue on autopilot, requiring only 5-10 minutes of daily maintenance.
  9. No additional work, maintenance, order fulfillment, or customer support is required to earn money.
  10. Dedicated support is available six days a week, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed.

Enroll today and make a smart business move for these five reasons:

  1. Done-For-You course content, templates, software, and bonuses are ready for you to copy and paste and start selling your courses without ever appearing on camera.
  2. Witness your first sales rolling in by tomorrow’s lunchtime, as everything is already created for you.
  3. Say goodbye to time wasted on outdated traffic “hacks” and let top traffic experts send you free traffic through the “Gap Topic” secret.
  4. Generate long-term passive income from courses that require only a few hours to create.
  5. Take control of your income, just like controlling the faucet on your sink. Choose from thousands of done-for-you courses and create new products whenever you need a cash infusion.

AI Tutor AI instantly empowers you to build your e-learning academy thanks to its all-in-one dashboard. From website setup to course creation, system management, and course sales, AI Tutor AI takes care of everything.

All the materials are prepared; all you need to do is add your logo, set the price, insert buy buttons, and start selling with just a few clicks. Comprehensive over-the-shoulder video training and round-the-clock support are readily available if any issues arise.

Additionally, you can say goodbye to expensive website builders and multiple software and platforms. With AI Tutor AI, you retain full control over your business, keeping all your leads, traffic, and profits without sharing a single penny with third-party marketplaces. This allows you to develop your e-learning business quickly and effortlessly and earn substantial profits.

Furthermore, AI Tutor AI offers unlimited opportunities for business expansion. The Commercial License allows you to serve clients, build their branded academies, strengthen their authority, and boost their profits by enabling them to sell online courses. By leveraging this feature, you can elevate your business to new heights and achieve outstanding results.

Rest assured; your investment is protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing you peace of mind. This showcases the immense confidence in AI Tutor AI’s performance, leaving no room for concerns about potential failures.

AI Tutor AI is not a complicated or short-lived solution. It’s a sustainable business model that can start generating income within days and continues to grow over time. The e-learning industry has witnessed an explosive increase in users, presenting a massive market of knowledge-hungry individuals of all ages.

These learners are willing to pay for courses on various subjects, including skills, experiences, and hobbies you may possess. Breaking into this industry and getting started used to be challenging, but now, a new platform eliminates those barriers.

AI Tutor AI is the answer whether you want to capitalize on your existing knowledge or create new income streams through their Done-For-You options. If you’ve struggled to establish an online income, you’ll remember this moment as the turning point. Remember, the discounted offer and access to over $880 in bonuses ends tonight at midnight.

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  • AI Tutor App (Worth $997/mo)
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  • Remove ALL Limits From Your Account.
  • Unlock Unlimited Alexa/Siri-like Voice Command & AI Voice Reply
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  • Activate Unlimited AI Contents, and Articles
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  • Unlock Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited AI Contents
  • Unlock Unlimited AIGraphics, Unlimited AI Voiceover
  • Unlimited & Video Generation, Unlock Commercial License & Unlimited Profits…
  • Activate Unlimited AI Image Editor & Variation
  • Unlock: Use Unlimited Devices
  • Lifetime Access To FREE Monthly Updates
  • Dedicated Server – 10X Faster Results
  • Unlock Premium SupportUnlock VIP Coaching


  • AI TutorAI Account Setup: There’s no need for you to stress out over properly setting up your AI TutorAI account, as we’ll do it for you with this upgrade…
  • Enjoy The THRILL Of Making $1000-1500 Daily Online…
  • Skip The Hassles, And Start Profiting Right Away..
  • High Converting Landing Pages, Sales funnels, lead capture pages, et al..
  • Hyper-Profitable Niche Selection: We’ll choose a wildly profitable niche for you, so you won’t be stuck in confusion…
  • 10X Faster Results: We will dedicate 10x more server resources towards the users of this upgrade.
  • Special Profit Boosting Tweaks Added To Your Account: We’ll add on simple yet powerful tweaks that are proven to boost your profits & sales even more…
  • AI TutorAI FULL Business Set Up


  • Automate Your RobinAI Account With FRESH AI Contents, Graphics, Arts, Animation Videos, Ads, Email Swipes & Much More Daily…
  • Receive Payment On Complete Autopilot…
  • Automation Saves Your Time…
  • With RobinAI Automation, Make Profits Nonstop, 24/7, Every Possible Second Of The Day…
  • 30 Day, Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee…


  • Drive Extra “3 Billion” Buyers To Your Pages, Funnels, and affiliates Link Daily Across All Platforms Globally.
  • Unleash Tsunami of Untapped Hot Traffic From “20” Giant Platforms Like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Reddit, etc.
  • We’ll Send Our OWN Personal Diamond Traffic That Is Making Us Money
  • We’re Making MILLIONS Of Dollars With This Targeted Traffic…
  • Access Our Underground Viral Traffic Facebook & Google ads Pixel Data.
  • Monthly VIP Training On How To Ride On New HOT Traffic Waves.
  • Enjoy Lifetime Traffic Access


  • Create unlimited accounts for clients
  • Manage client account from your own Dashboard
  • Easy to use Agency Dashboard
  • Agency License features
  • Manage Users, Add or Delete them
  • Charge Monthly or One time at your own pricing
  • Start making profits Today!


  • Your Own Software Business In A Box (No Coding. 100% DFY Setup)
  • Get 100% Ownership Right To BrainBox & Rebrand As You Want
  • Sell RobinAI To Others And Make Over $497 Per Click
  • We’ll Send Targeted Traffic To Your Link And You Make Huge Commission…
  • Use Our High Converting Pages, Design, Sales Material And Payment Gateway…
  • We Will Deliver The Product To Your Customers & Do The Hard Work For You
  • Earn $3000 – $4000 Daily & Receive 100% Commissions, Even On The Upgrades.
  • Build Your Own Buyers List & Sell More Products To Them
  • We’ll Handle Support For You. No Support Headache.


I hope this AI Tutor review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about E-learning Website and Course Builder Solutions, we’ve explored a couple of other platforms.


It is an opportune moment to delve into the realm of e-learning, and with the right tools and strategies, the possibilities for success are boundless. Let me introduce you to eCourse Agency, a comprehensive and proven digital business system that equips you with everything you need to capitalize on the thriving e-learning industry.

With the remarkable video course creator studio and marketing system offered by eCourse Agency, you gain access to cutting-edge software that can effortlessly craft entire video courses within minutes, accompanied by professionally designed graphics and website templates that streamline the sales process.

This cloud-hosted platform operates similarly to Udemy, offering you an agency/commercial license that enables you to earn passive income by uploading your courses and allowing students to make purchases.


Enter MemberOwls, a game-changing membership creation platform powered by A.I. This powerful platform not only helps you generate membership site ideas but also allows you to swiftly create profitable membership sites for selling physical or digital goods, ranging from courses, content, PDFs, and downloads to coaching, consultations, and software.

In simpler terms, MemberOwls is a cloud-based, A.I.-powered membership site creation platform that empowers you to brainstorm and build sleek, modern, and fully functional membership sites in under 60 seconds.

Just input a keyword or niche, and MemberOwls will provide ideas on the type of membership your niche and prospects will most likely pay for. Answer a few questions about your business type, color theme, logo, and contact details, and you’re good to go!


Today, a groundbreaking software solution called “KlickCourse” revolutionizes how memberships and online courses are created. With KlickCourse, you can rapidly build your customer access portal with a button.

KlickCourse is a comprehensive, multi-feature membership and course builder that stands out as the first of its kind. It facilitates the creation of memberships and courses and allows you to license other WordPress plugins, themes, web apps, or desktop software solutions.

In a nutshell, KlickCourse is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the process into three easy steps, enabling you to drive recurring profits, build your list effortlessly, and even include premium DFY (Done For You) videos, eliminating the need for your content.


Let me introduce you to Coursesify – the ultimate solution that ends your struggles in earning commissions. Coursesify is a fully automated site builder that creates e-learning sites resembling Udemy, allowing you to sell online courses and reap the rewards.

This remarkable web-based and cloud-hosted software grants you the power to create and sell unlimited courses to countless students or customers, with the added benefit of retaining 100% of the profits from those sales.

Coursesify provides high-quality courses, original content, Google ranking, and traffic and allows us to obtain 100% commissions from course sales, all with just a single click. Yes, you heard that right – a complete e-learning site packed with top-notch courses, created and fully hosted for you with unlimited bandwidth.


Thank you so much for reading my AI Tutor Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


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