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EBFusion OTO – The Next-Gen Ebook Store Builder?

EBFusion OTO

Create A Fully-Functional Ebook Store With Premium Features

The digital camera has had a profound impact on the photography industry and similarly, the tablet and ebook reader have revolutionized bookselling. Ebooks have become a significant part of the publishing industry, with 335 million sold annually in the United States alone, generating revenue of $1.94 billion.

Starting an ebook business is a highly attractive opportunity, due to its low overhead costs and large target market. Despite the presence of major players like Kindle, there is still room for new entrants to establish successful ebook stores. However, setting up an ebook store can be a challenging task, requiring the purchase of various tools such as hosting, website builder, content builder, store design app, and others. Additionally, one must source ebooks, set up payment and delivery systems, and manage inventory and sales.

Thankfully, there is a new solution on the market – EBFusion – A 3-click app that enables the creation of a fully-functional ebook store with zero expenses. This cutting-edge app eliminates the need for additional tools, making it easy and cost-effective to launch your own ebook business.


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EBFusion OTO – Overview

Vendor: Rick Nguyen
Product: EBFusion
Product Type: Ebook Store Builder
Launch Date: 2023-Nov-03
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $17
Refund: YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Recommended: Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

What Is EBFusion?

EBFusion is a cutting-edge software that automates the creation of an online ebook store in just 60 seconds. It comes pre-loaded with 10,000+ ebooks across 100+ genres that you can sell and adjust the prices of.

About The Creator

Rick Nguyen Creator

Rick Nguyen is a renowned expert in internet marketing, web traffic, and online businesses. He has a solid reputation in the online world for his high-quality products and software that help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. He is highly regarded for his ability to understand market needs and provide solutions that people love.

Some of his previous successful launches include EazyFlipBook, CBSitePro, SportSitePro, SiteTravelPro, SiteToolPro, SiteCoursePro & SiteBookPro.

EBFusion OTO – Benefits And Features

Here are the key benefits you will receive from EBFusion:

+ AI-powered software that creates your profit-ready ebook store with just one click

+ Instant selling capability with 10,000+ pre-loaded ebooks in 100+ genres

+ In-built auto-blogging module with content from 500+ sources

+ Web-based app, no installations required

+ Built-in ebook creator for creating and selling/giving away ebooks

+ Option to create discount coupons and change prices to boost sales and profits

+ Optimized for mobile usage

+ 100% free hosting, no domain or hosting fees

+ 100% legal and ethical

+ Ability to translate the ebook store into 100 languages

+ Send unlimited emails to all members within the store using the in-built autoresponder

+ Push notifications to members via desktop or mobile devices

+ Connect your custom domain to your ebook store

+ Allows users to add Facebook pixels, Google Analytics ID, and Google Tag Manager ID

+ Comprehensive training videos that show how to use the software effectively

+ Special bonus: receive Reseller License if you purchase today.

How Does It Work?

Starting an online ebook store with EBFusion is easy and hassle-free. Simply follow these three simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Log in to EBFusion and watch as it instantly creates a fully functional online ebook store with over 10,000 ebooks across 100+ genres in under 60 seconds:

Step 2: Connect your preferred payment processor and create discount coupons (you can also add your own ebooks if you desire):

Step 3: Start selling ebooks and collecting payments:

To see an example of an online ebook store created by EBFusion:

Check out the demonstration video below:

Who Should Use It?

EBFusion is suitable for anyone who wants to make money online, regardless of their experience or skill level. It’s particularly recommended for:

+ Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, product sites

+ Business Owners

+ Local Consultants

+ Content Creators

+ Freelancers, etc.

Why Give EBFusion A Try?

The ebook industry offers a higher profit margin compared to other items, and its demand is increasing, making it a hot niche. Readers are recognizing the benefits of reading ebooks and often look to purchase them on e-commerce platforms. This means there’s a large market waiting for you to sell ebooks to, making it easy to earn money.

EBFusion helps you create an ebook store in just seconds and start earning profits right away. Setting up a traditional online store requires a lot of steps and can be complicated, including creating a website, preparing products for sale, and finding multiple sources to ensure a diverse supply of books.

EBFusion, on the other hand, does all the work for you by providing over 10,000 ebooks in 100+ genres. It also includes a payment system and functions like a major online shopping platform, making it easy to manage orders, payments, deliveries, and receipts.

Take a look at what users have to say about EBFusion:

EBStore Feedbacks

The Bonuses

In the member area of EBFusion, you will receive a variety of bonuses. Additionally, be sure to check out the bonuses offered by the creator’s team at the end of this OTO. You will be able to choose the package that works best for you:


Pros And Cons


+ Newbie-friendly

+ Web-based app, no installations required

+ Low investment cost

+ No domain/hosting needed

+ Top-notch support

+ 30-day money-back guarantee


+ Up to now, there are no cons.

EBFusion Pricing

EBFusion is currently available at a remarkable price of $17.


This offer is for a limited time, and the price is scheduled to increase after the launch period. To secure the best deal, it’s crucial to act promptly and secure your access now.

Remember, your purchase comes with the protection of a 30-Day Money-Back Refund Policy. If you find yourself unsatisfied with EBFusion within the initial 30 days, you can request a refund, ensuring a risk-free trial of the software.

So, seize this outstanding opportunity to embark on your online ebook store journey. Acquire EBFusion today and take that first step toward success.

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EBFusion Review

Upsell/OTO Details

These supplementary offers perfectly complement the core product, offering a range of impressive features such as:

OTO #1: PRO Upgrade ($37)

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Unlock powerful features with the Pro upgrade, including the ability to:

+ Translate your ebook store into 100 languages.

+ Send unlimited emails to all existing store members through the built-in autoresponder.

+ Send push notifications to existing members on their desktops and mobile devices.

+ Connect your custom domain to your ebook store.

+ Allow users to integrate their Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics ID, and Google Tag Manager ID.

OTO #2: PREMIUM Upgrade ($37)

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Experience the Premium product, which offers:

+ The ability to create an unlimited number of ebook stores.

+ Commercial rights to create and sell ebook stores to clients.

+ Access to create an unlimited number of articles using the DFY Auto-Blogging Module for effortless content generation.

+ Unlimited reseller licenses to sell EBFusion and retain 100% of the profits.

+ The capability to create unlimited ebooks using the built-in Ebook Maker.

+ A bonus of an additional 250,000 Done-For-You Ebooks spanning 500+ genres.

+ Bonus features include the Fiverr Masterclass and a DFY Client Researcher Cloud-based App.

OTO #3: GOLD Upgrade ($27)

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Upgrade to the Gold package for instant access to these exceptional features:

+ Add four additional income streams to your ebook store.

+ Choose from a selection of 100,000 hot-selling Done-For-You T-Shirt Designs.

+ Access 120,000 attention-grabbing Done-For-You Audio Tracks.

+ Offer 200 high-quality Done-For-You Courses.

+ Access 726 Done-For-You Cutting-Edge Software options for your store.

OTO #4: PLATINUM Upgrade ($29)

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Discover the first-of-its-kind 1-Click ChatGPT-Powered App that creates fully automated Book Affiliate and Course Affiliate websites in less than 60 seconds.

OTO #5: AGENCY Upgrade ($127)

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The Agency package includes Agency Kits, allowing you to create unlimited EBFusion accounts for your clients.


EBFusion is a great opportunity to end the cycle of struggle. If you’re searching for a solution that will help you succeed, this is it. You can count on EBFusion to deliver consistent results.

Take advantage of this special launch and make your decision soon!