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Genesis OTO Review: The World’s 1st A.I Powered Amazon Store Builder

Welcome to this comprehensive Genesis OTO Review, where we delve into the functionalities and benefits of this remarkable tool designed to assist you in establishing your own Amazon affiliate stores.

As an experienced user of this software, I’m excited to share my insights and experiences regarding how it has empowered me to create a successful Amazon affiliate store.

It’s abundantly clear that in the vast landscape of the internet, Amazon reigns supreme as the premier eCommerce brand. With over 265 million products available for purchase on their platform daily, and annual sales amounting to billions of dollars, Amazon’s reach extends to every corner of the globe.

The potential for success by tapping into this enormous marketplace is undeniable. As an Amazon affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn commissions ranging from 10% to 15% on products sold through your affiliate store.

Genesis Store Builder makes it possible for you to kickstart your affiliate journey right from the comfort of your own home. I can personally attest to the fact that I’ve been enjoying my fair share of earnings.

In the sections that follow, we’ll delve into the specifics of Genesis Store Builder, exploring its features, functionalities, and how it can become your pathway to success in the world of Amazon affiliate marketing. So, without further ado, let’s dive into my in-depth Genesis OTO Review below!


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Are you grappling with challenges in managing your Amazon stores? Some common issues include the hassle of keeping product listings up-to-date, retaining site visitors, and driving traffic to your platform.

Enter Genesis Store Builder, an innovative software solution tailored for the creation of Amazon niche websites, offering a comprehensive and self-contained system to address these very concerns.

What sets Genesis Store Builder apart is its unique ability to empower users to craft their AI-based websites from the ground up. But the innovation doesn’t end there.

This software also enables you to activate ready-to-use AI sites, meticulously designed for the hottest niches. With a simple login, you can effortlessly choose a pre-built AI site, streamlining the setup process.

This web-based application allows everyday individuals to harness the booming trend of online shopping with just a few mouse clicks. The process is straightforward: sign up, create your Amazon store, and manage it via an intuitive dashboard.

Its user interface closely resembles WordPress, making it accessible even to those with basic knowledge. It is purposefully designed to cater to beginners and is exceptionally beginner-friendly.

Genesis Store Builder appeals to both newcomers and seasoned experts alike, offering a variety of templates to create visually appealing stores. Constructing your store becomes an enjoyable experience, aided by a quick guided tour.

Operating Genesis Store Builder does not demand technical prowess due to its smart layout and straightforward approach. Beginners will find it exceptionally user-friendly, while seasoned professionals will appreciate its impressive features.

Adding Amazon products can be done manually or automatically, with regular updates managed seamlessly in the background. In essence, your store can practically run autonomously, ensuring a steady income stream.

Bid farewell to wasted time and money. With a simple click, you gain access to over 200 ready-to-convert products, meticulously selected and tested for profitability. Genesis Store Builder constantly monitors the web, tracking sales to provide you with the cream of the crop.

Genesis Store Builder is a proven, nearly automated system that swiftly establishes your personal eCommerce empire, generating profits. Moreover, it offers a risk-free experience.

Firstly, everything provided has been rigorously tested to ensure profitability, saving you time and money. Secondly, you have a two-week trial period with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

By using Genesis Store Builder, you can create Amazon affiliate sites with the potential for lucrative earnings. In this Genesis OTO Review, we’ll explore its features, pros, and cons. Earning money by promoting Amazon products can indeed be a lucrative endeavor, provided you have the right product and software.

Notably, Genesis Store Builder is not a WordPress theme or plugin, though it offers these as add-ons. You don’t need WordPress or any other CMS; all you require is an Amazon Associates account.

The choice of products to promote is entirely up to you, based on factors like sales performance and commission rates. Before delving into FSB (Genesis Store Builder), ensure you have an Amazon Associates account.

Genesis Store Builder stands out as an excellent option for simplifying the process of starting an online eCommerce business, even for those lacking technical expertise. With drag-and-drop builders and AI capabilities, it empowers anyone to create visually stunning eCommerce websites effortlessly.

One of its standout features is its integration with a widely used content management system (CMS), making it an indispensable tool for product research. Genesis Store Builder claims to provide access to every winning product available online, giving you the advantage of selling and profiting from them before the competition catches on.

In my opinion, Genesis Store Builder serves as an invaluable aggregator for dropshipping product research, simplifying the process significantly. However, mere words can’t fully capture its potential; I’ll demonstrate its ease of use and the creator’s extensive groundwork in the upcoming sections of this Genesis OTO Review!


Vendor Billy Darr
Product Genesis Store Builder
Launch Date 2023-Sep-11
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Amazon Store Builder
Support Effective Response
Discount – Use Coupon Code: Genesis5off
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Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Billy Darr's Team

Renowned in the digital market scene, Billy Darr has become a household name thanks to his exceptional digital products. His creations, including Fusion, Drex, and Astonish, etc. have garnered widespread acclaim and adoration from users worldwide.

Recently, in partnership with Justin Opay and Dipanjan Goswami, Billy has launched yet another high-end digital product, which promises to cater to the diverse needs of his customers. In my Genesis OTO Review, we will look in-depth at what Billy and his team have accomplished with this latest addition to his product lineup.


Let’s explore the extensive range of features that Genesis Store Builder offers:


  • Beginner-Friendly: Genesis Store Builder caters to affiliate marketing newcomers, eliminating the need for technical skills or complicated instructions.
  • Versatile for Experts: Seasoned users can take full control with a plethora of settings, features, custom code options, and complete store customization.
  • Instant Store Creation: Choose from a library of carefully curated niche stores or craft your unique store from the ground up.
  • Fully Customizable: Enjoy complete freedom to tweak everything, from design and product selection to categories, articles, color schemes, and images.
  • Automated Content Generation: Leverage AI to automatically create articles, product descriptions, categories, and meta-information.
  • Traffic Boosters: Benefit from built-in SEO features, social media integrations, and traffic modules that amplify visitor numbers and boost sales.
  • Profit-Oriented: Your stores generate commissions from top platforms like Amazon and many more.
  • Conversion-Optimized Design: Featuring cutting-edge templates, price comparisons, and conversion tools to maximize visitor-to-customer conversions.
  • Swift Cloud Hosting: Stores are instantly deployed on a lightning-fast, custom-built cloud hosting infrastructure.
  • Domain Flexibility: Choose between free Vanity Domains or seamlessly integrate your custom domain name.


  • Speed and Simplicity: Genesis Store Builder offers a head start with fully populated, ready-to-launch stores in just minutes.
  • Diverse Niches: Select from a broad spectrum of researched and lucrative niches.
  • Ready and Comprehensive: Each Instant Store includes design, images, categories, products, articles, brands, and more.
  • Personalized Touch: Customize these stores by adding new products, editing content, adjusting designs, and making them uniquely yours.
  • Convenient Selection: Browse or search through the library of Instant Stores to find the perfect fit.
  • Scale and Expand: Instant Stores can be your stepping stone to building a thriving affiliate store empire.


  • Responsive & Knowledgeable Support: A dedicated team, with over 15 years of profitable affiliate website experience, provides swift and expert assistance.
  • Live Chat Support: Instant help is at your fingertips with our live chat system.
  • Step-by-Step Training: Access an extensive library of training videos, guides, and articles to bolster your success.
  • Comprehensive Strategy Guidance: Learn how to build, grow, and profit from your stores with in-depth strategy videos.
  • User-Friendly Training Resources: Our training guides are designed for easy comprehension, helping you maximize your store’s potential.
  • Accessible Training: Training materials are available online, on-demand, and accessible from any device.
  • Support 7 Days a Week: Our support team is available every day of the week to address your inquiries.


  • Stock-Free Stores: Bid farewell to expensive stock purchases, as you earn commissions on each sale.
  • Customer Hassle-Free: Manage orders, refunds, and chargebacks seamlessly without the headache of difficult customers.
  • Effortless Product Import: Import products from major retailers like Amazon with a single click.
  • Global Affiliate Commissions: Generate earnings from visitors worldwide with automatic country targeting.
  • Intelligent Product Alternatives: Your store proactively discovers new offers from leading retailers, boosting conversion rates.
  • Simplified Operations: No need for complex accounts or API keys; your stores operate seamlessly.
  • Automated Updates: Product prices, images, content, and related items update automatically in the background.
  • Compliance Guaranteed: Genesis Store Builder complies with affiliate programs of Amazon and other major platforms.


  • Search Engine Optimization: Stores are mobile-friendly, exceptionally fast, and meticulously optimized for search engines.
  • Upcoming Social Media Posting: Scheduled posts on networks like Facebook will generate views and clicks effortlessly.
  • Optimized Meta Tags: Advanced AI technology creates impeccable Meta Tags across your store, enhancing search engine rankings.
  • Social Media-Friendly Pages: All store pages are designed for easy sharing on social media and are optimized for click-through rates.
  • Google-Preferred Structured Data: Structured data is automatically embedded into every page, aligning with Google’s standards.
  • Streamlined Sitemaps and Robots: Your store’s XML sitemaps and robots.txt files are auto-generated and ready for search engine indexing.
  • Utilize Store RSS Feeds: Effortlessly feed store products, categories, and pages into other tools via RSS feeds.
  • Analytics-Powered Insights: Identify high-performing keywords and traffic sources with built-in analytics reports.


  • Dynamic Article Generation: Simply input a topic, and Genesis Store Builder crafts a unique, top-tier article within minutes.
  • Efficient Category Building: Enter your niche, and the platform suggests categories, enabling one-click addition to your store.
  • Product Enhancement: Quickly generate unique feature lists, product summaries, and descriptions for all your products.
  • Optimal Meta Tags: Create SEO-optimized, conversion-focused meta tags for products, pages, articles, brands, categories, and more.
  • No Configuration Hassle: There’s no need for intricate setup or API keys; your stores are ready for content creation.
  • Unique and Valuable Content: The latest AI models ensure the creation of distinctive, accurate, and valuable content for any purpose.


  • Intelligent Offer Matching: Automatic offer matching displays price comparisons customized to each visitor’s country.
  • Seamless Currency Conversion: Stores automatically convert prices into the local currency of your visitors, driving sales.
  • Rapid Loading Times: Stores load swiftly on all devices, ensuring you never lose a sale due to sluggish performance.
  • Modern, Clean, and Effective: Store pages feature uncluttered designs focused on action, proven to drive conversions.
  • Mobile Optimization: Stores are perfectly optimized for mobile, tablets, and diverse screen sizes, ensuring maximum conversion rates.
  • High-Converting Content: AI-generated content is primed for high conversion rates, leveraging trusted content writing techniques.


  • Swift Store Creation: Establish new affiliate stores within minutes, complete with products, content, design, and more.
  • Flexible Domain Options: Utilize free Vanity Domains or seamlessly connect your custom domains to your account.
  • Effortless Logins: Access individual stores with a single click, eliminating the need to remember multiple passwords.
  • Efficient Management: Easily modify your store domain, duplicate stores, or initiate a fresh store—all within a unified dashboard.
  • Mobile-Friendly Management: Efficiently oversee your stores and account via a user-friendly, fast, and mobile-responsive dashboard.
  • Automated Screenshots: Stores are periodically captured for monitoring and quick assessment within your dashboard.
  • White Glove Imports: Receive expert assistance when transferring existing stores from other platforms, handling the process from start to finish.
  • Comprehensive Store Insights: Access sales data, statistics, traffic reports, screenshots, and more for all your stores from a centralized location.


  • Premium Cloud Hosting: Our custom-built cloud hosting is powered by Google Cloud, ensuring rapid and dependable store performance.
  • Lightning-Fast CDN: Our Content Delivery Network, powered by, delivers nearly instant loading times worldwide.
  • Automatic SSL Certificates: Every store is fortified by high-level SSL certificates, enhancing security, trustworthiness, and SEO.
  • Secure & Isolated Environment: Our hosting architecture isolates your stores, delivering both fast performance and top-tier security.
  • Prepared for High Traffic: Stores are constructed on cloud hosting designed to scale and support substantial traffic volumes.
  • Guaranteed Uptime: Built on Google Cloud and k8s architecture, we ensure uptime is never compromised.
  • Intuitive Dashboards: Our intuitive dashboards adhere to modern UI principles, simplifying store and account management.
  • Security and Privacy: We employ robust security procedures and adhere to industry-standard architecture to safeguard your data and privacy.
  • Reliable Backups: Automatic backups with full redundancy protect your store and account data.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Our internal systems continuously monitor your stores for issues and promptly alert our team.

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Building affiliate stores represents a savvy approach to kickstart an online venture, minus the headaches associated with inventory management, customer service, refunds, chargebacks, and shipping logistics.


  1. Store Creation: Utilize Genesis Store Builder to establish a distinctive Affiliate Store that comes pre-loaded with an array of products sourced from Amazon and various other providers.
  2. Order Management: Your site visitors make purchases through your store, and in return, you earn a commission. No need to process orders, deal with customers, or handle administrative tasks.
  3. Earnings: You pocket commissions ranging from 5% to a generous 50% on each order placed through your store.

To embark on this journey, you’ll need a free Amazon account to facilitate payments, a Genesis Store Builder account for store creation, and the ability to follow our user-friendly step-by-step guides for success.

We stand beside you every step of the way, offering hands-on 1-to-1 support, access to a supportive community, comprehensive training materials, and more.


Optimal store creation starts with strategic product placement. While featuring the most expensive item on your page can yield high commissions, it may not always be practical. Focusing on niche-specific offerings with promising SERPs often leads to superior sales performance.

Leverage the editing feature to craft stores centered around themes like organic food, PlayStation, pet products, LCD screens, or any niche that aligns with your content. Video tutorials and step-by-step guidelines are readily available to help you identify the right niche. Additionally, templates and skins enhance the overall store presentation.

You can choose from ready-made stores, such as Golf Clubs, Paleo Diet, Dog Coats, Organic Food, Garden Furniture, or create your unique store from scratch. With complete control over design and product selection, you have the flexibility to craft your store as per your vision.

Our video training and comprehensive guides walk you through niche research, product selection, store customization, and all the nuances in between. Upon logging into your Genesis Store Builder account, you’ll find a wealth of resources, covering domains, hosting, niche research, and the installation process, ensuring your journey is guided at every turn.


Once your site goes live, maintaining high-quality content and sharing it across social media platforms is paramount. Engaging and informative content garners likes and shares, creating a buzz around your domain. Most importantly, your content should be compelling enough to pre-sell products, motivating readers to click that “Buy Now” button.

Consider collaborating with other reputable websites to expand your revenue streams. Further tips on generating traffic and website development can be found in the mastermind forum.

Additional settings include adding site descriptions, categories, and individual products. You can add products individually by browsing through relevant items or auto-populate them via product searches or browse nodes.

Genesis Store Builder by Billy Darr is optimized to seamlessly integrate with Google and other major search engines. The system is tightly integrated with Amazon, ensuring up-to-date prices and product listings on your store. Any changes in product prices are automatically reflected on your site.

The various categories in your store can be set to auto-populate, meaning new and relevant products are added automatically. The platform also automatically generates sitemaps, meta tags, alt tags, titles, and tags.

In the admin area, you have the flexibility to control various aspects of your store’s design, enabling you to modify the overall look and feel of your website.

Every category, page (including the homepage), product, and manufacturer can feature unique text and additional information. You can insert content throughout your store, including product pages and categories.


As your store gains traction, attracting visitors becomes the priority. Compose compelling articles, share them with your network, engage in social media, forge partnerships with other websites, and watch as orders begin rolling in.

Our training guides become invaluable here. Discover the strategies of highly successful members, follow step-by-step traffic-generation methods, gain inspiration for your niche, and more.

All sales are automatically tracked. Your commission percentage depends on the merchant (e.g., Amazon) and can range from 5% to 50%. Payments are typically received directly from the merchant every month, deposited straight into your bank account.

In a market where popularity often spawns imitations, exercise caution. Numerous sellers offer Amazon auto blogs and duplicate content sites. While Amazon sites hold promise, not all of them deliver. Avoid subpar offerings and remember that success still requires diligent effort.

An Amazon site demands ongoing work. It’s not enough to simply post a few reviews and hope for the best. Consistently creating fresh content, expanding your network, acquiring backlinks, and nurturing growth are all integral to your success.

Can I Create Multiple Stores? Absolutely! Once you start earning from your initial store, you can expand your empire by launching additional stores. Simply select a new niche and repeat the process. There are no limits to the types of stores you can create, as new products and niches emerge constantly.

Genesis Store Builder by Billy Darr is also a perfect complement to existing websites, social pages, or domains, swiftly adding a new revenue stream to any pre-existing business.


If you’re on the hunt for ways to boost your income or replace your traditional 9-to-5 job while gaining more flexibility in your work life, the Genesis Store Builder might just be your ticket to kickstart that dream. You’ve likely heard about the immense profitability of Amazon stores, and it’s true; they can be highly lucrative.

However, venturing into this space requires careful product selection and the creation of user-friendly online stores. The Genesis Store Builder steps in as your comprehensive solution, aiming to fast-track your journey into the world of online entrepreneurship.

The Genesis OTO Review serves as your ultimate guide, especially if you lack technical expertise but aspire to establish a thriving eCommerce store. Genesis Store Builder bundles almost every resource you’d conceivably need to set up shop quickly and effortlessly.

It’s designed to cater to a wide audience, making it accessible even to those with minimal technical know-how, such as college students and retirees. The platform offers robust professional support throughout your Amazon affiliate store-building journey.

In essence, Genesis Store Builder streamlines and automates the process of transitioning from a novice to an accomplished store builder. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced hand, it simplifies the learning curve and ensures you grasp the intricacies of creating a profitable Amazon affiliate business.

One remarkable aspect of Genesis Store Builder is its all-encompassing nature. It’s akin to having an entire eCommerce business in a box, with most of the arduous groundwork already laid out for you. Here’s what it empowers you to do:

  • Instantly discover proven and tested products for sale.
  • Seamlessly import these products into your store with a single click, no technical skills required.
  • Replicate successful ad campaigns and target audiences to start driving traffic and making sales promptly.

Genesis Store Builder stands as a potent eCommerce platform, boasting competitive pricing, a risk-free 30-day trial, top-notch customer support, cutting-edge security features, and a plethora of premium offerings.

Opting for Genesis Store Builder allows you to establish your online store, maintain control over your earnings, and expedite the growth of your business without the added costs associated with third-party websites. It offers a hassle-free way to embark on your eCommerce journey, even if you’re unfamiliar with the technical aspects.

Once your store is up and running, Amazon handles the nitty-gritty aspects like order fulfillment, inventory management, and shipping, leaving you to focus on attracting and converting visitors. You’ll earn commissions of up to 15% on some products for every successful sale.

Managing your website with Genesis Store Builder is a delightful experience. Its user-friendly interface ensures a quick and seamless setup, with support available at every step of the process. You can take command of your store through a secure personal dashboard accessible anywhere, as long as you’re online.

And here’s an exciting tidbit: a select few fortunate individuals gained early access to Genesis Store Builder for beta testing. Their results have been nothing short of astounding. Just listen to their success stories:

  • Robert Hlusak achieved his first sale and now consistently racks up 1-3 sales per day, totaling nearly 40 sales.
  • Subra Doyle and Alex are making $300 a day in profit after two months, with their sights set on $500-$1,000 a day.
  • Samuel Queen boasts over $40,000 in sales, with his biggest day nearing $13,000.
  • Yonas Yohanes scored his first sale within just two days, bringing in multiple items on a single order.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge into eCommerce success with StoreBuilder, the ultimate all-in-one eCommerce site building tool. It comes with a risk-free 30-day trial, and I’ve highlighted its key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks in this comprehensive evaluation.

While Genesis Store Builder’s offering is unparalleled, navigating the primary dashboard might pose a slight challenge if you lack technical proficiency. Nonetheless, selecting the right eCommerce platform is crucial for your business’s prosperity. Factors such as budget, technical aptitude, desired level of engagement, and catalog size should influence your decision.

If you’ve had firsthand experience with Genesis Store Builder, consider sharing your insights through a review. Your honest assessment can greatly assist others in making informed choices. We value your feedback and aim to provide valuable, unbiased information in our Genesis OTO Review, whether you opt for Genesis Store Builder or explore other solutions.

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I hope this Genesis OTO Review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about Affiliate Store Builders, we’ve explored a couple of other platforms.


Introducing the revolutionary “AI Com Store Builder,” an advanced cloud-based software seamlessly integrating the prowess of AI, SEO, and social media to effortlessly generate viral traffic, supercharge sales, and amass commissions—all on autopilot.

AI Com Store Builder, the user-friendly cloud-based e-commerce store builder, harnesses AI, SEO, and social media to effortlessly populate products from renowned e-commerce giants or your own offerings on a daily basis. The outcome? A colossal surge in sales and commissions, all without lifting a finger.

Remarkably, in under 60 seconds, you can now create a fully operational and SEO-optimized online store with AI Com—marking it as the pioneering AI online store builder. AI Com streamlines the e-commerce journey by eradicating the need for product testing, paid advertising, or the hassles of fulfillment.


Behold Store AI, a groundbreaking AI-driven application empowering users to generate instant web stores, desktop stores, Android and iOS stores in multiple languages with a mere click.

This innovative platform harnesses the might of artificial intelligence to conjure store concepts and craft stores across diverse niches, encompassing baby care, groceries, gaming, coffee, gardening, gifts, home decor, and countless others.

What sets Store AI apart is its capacity to spawn limitless e-commerce stores adorned with trending products, all thanks to AI-based technology. Users can optimize their affiliate commissions by promoting an endless array of trending products from leading e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ali Express, eBay, and more.


Enter Pro eCom, the mastermind behind tailor-made solutions, poised to usher your brick-and-mortar business into triumphant online commerce. Beyond the mere augmentation of sales figures, this ingenious platform bestows a firm foothold in the market, enabling you to etch your name into the annals of digital entrepreneurship.

Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative of Pro eCom, for within its hallowed halls dwells the world’s first voice-activated AI store builder. In a mesmerizing showcase of technological wizardry, Pro eCom conjures awe-inspiring Amazon e-commerce stores, adorned with customizable themes and robust support for physical and digital products.

In just five minutes, this extraordinary creation, powered by the boundless potential of AI and the ethereal realm of voice control, breathes life into your stores, eliminating the need for coding, writing, design, or technical expertise.


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