ProfitMarc OTO – About ProfitMart OTO and Review

ProfitMarc OTO 1st – 5th Reviews Coupon Code: There is a front end offer & 5 other OTOs. The 1st is ProfitMarc PRO, the 2nd ProfitMarc OTO is ProfitMarc Enterprise, the 3rd is ProfitMarc DFY, the 4th ProfitMarc OTO is ProfitMarc Reseller, the 5th ProfitMarc OTO is ProfitMarc IMX Bundle. The product is by Radu Hahaianu, Mike McKay & Calin Loan. All the links >>>

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ProfitMarc OTO 3: ProfitMarc DFY – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

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ProfitMarc OTO 4: ProfitMarc Reseller – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

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ProfitMarc OTO 5: ProfitMarc IMX Bundle – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

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What Exactly Is ProfitMarc?

ProfitMarc is the only cloud autoresponder to comply with GMail & Yahoo's February 2024 changes. It comes with built-in DMARC, DKIM, SPF, SMTP sending servers & dedicated IPs to get you better delivery, low-spam, custom domain names & more. It's the only cloud autoresponder out there that comes with built-in compliance with Gmail and Yahoo, including the dreaded DMARC update that starts February 2024.

ProfitMarc comes with everything pre-configured and they give you your own sending addresses that are already warmed up and loved by Gmail & Yahoo so there is NOTHING for you to configure, connect or pay for before mailing.

In fact, “The money is in the list” is the most known Internet Marketing adage for a reason: when you have a list, all you have to do is send an email and make money. You See, With Email Marketing YOU Control Your Own Destiny – And Not Big Corporations. Bottom line is this: if you’re not building and mailing your list, you’re missing out on huge paydays and you’re missing out on the easiest way to make money online possible. Chances are you maybe even tried email marketing at some point but gave up. Or you’re still promoting to your list but not getting the results you’ve wanted & you are looking for a better solution.

Let’s Face It: Email Marketing Is HARD. Even if you pay hundreds of dollars each year for a top of the line autoresponder, they most likely will reject your list or severely limit the sort of results you can get. And if you go with any of the one-time fee ones, let’s face it: most of those don’t exist & work for more than 2 weeks. Besides, you’ve probably heard horror stories yourself, from autoresponders whose servers go down without any notice, or they just don’t deliver emails or all your emails are going to the SPAM folder. Plus you’d have to go through a ton of additional headaches such as losing subscribers due to “unknown errors” or paying for the service every single month even if your subscriber count is 0. And the WORST PART? NO autoresponder out there gives you leads, helps you build your list, cleans it for you and even writes emails for you. Lucky for you… there’s HOPE. Today you can get stronger than ever before with your email marketing campaigns while leaving ALL hurdles behind. Introducing ProfitMarc – the best and only autoresponder you’ll ever need (99% uptime, 99% deliverability, 100% reliability!)

Thanks to Mike McKay, I get the results I wanted

Finally You Can Now Grab Your Share Of The Huge & Growing  Email Marketing Space Without The Need To Pay Outlandish Recurring Fees Or Go With Cheaper Alternatives Only To Get A Lousy Service That Doesn’t Even Deliver All Your Mails Properly And On Time.

  • Step 1: Login To their Cloud Email Platform That 20,000+ People Already Use Every Day (There is NOTHING for you to set up, configure or host – they give you your own SMTP sending server and dedicated IP!)
  • Step 2: Upload Your List Or Use The Built-In Done-For-You Email Leads Inside (No restrictions on imports up to 1 million+ leads, list cleaner is built in to remove invalid emails and maximize deliverability!)
  • Step 3: Use Their AI Email Writer & Enjoy Profit-Sucking, Money-Making Emails The RIGHT Way (PLUS send SMS texts and social media messages too using their 3-in-1 platform!)

Don’t know anything about email marketing but willing to give it a try? ProfitMarc has got you covered, too. Thanks to extraordinary Ai technology it’s easier than ever to set up email campaigns: get DFY email leads and pre-written emails within the same interface. Did I hear JACKPOT? Basically they are offering a complete business-in-a-box for peanuts. And it’s a one-time fee meaning you can take advantage of this revolutionary autoresponder and lock in passive profits forever. Reach thousands of leads in seconds with just a push of a button – this is the reality that ProfitMarc brings forward. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity so don’t think it over.


Vendor Mike & Radu
Product ProfitMarc
Launch Date 2024-Jan-17
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $15
Coupon Code PROMARC30
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software 
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

ProfitMarc Review >> Features & Benefits

Built-In Dedicated SMTP Servers & IP Pools: ProfitMarc comes with pre-configured SMTP servers and dedicated IPs so there is nothing for you to configure, connect or pay for before mailing. Just upload your list and start sending emails.

Built-In Compliance With Gmail and Yahoo: It's the only cloud autoresponder out there that comes with built-in compliance with Gmail and Yahoo, including the dreaded DMARC update that starts February 2024.

3-in-1 Platform: This 3-in-1 platform lets you mail, text and message on Instagram.

Send SMS Text Messages: With ProfitMarc, you’re not limited to emails only. SMS texts get a 90% open rate and you can now send them out to anyone’s phone number right from within ProfitMarc, using it's own SMS servers.

Built-In Dedicated Setup For February 2024: ProfitMarc comes with everything pre-configured and they give you your own sending addresses that are already warmed up and loved by Gmail & Yahoo so there is nothing for you to configure, connect or pay for before mailing. Just upload your list and start sending emails.

Promote On Instagram: You can send your link to ANYONE on Instagram so you can drive affiliate commissions and generate more unique leads.

Build Your List: If you don't have an email list then you can use the ProfitMarc Social module to build your email list.

Your Own Personal Email Writer: You don’t have to write your own emails with ProfitMarc. Just insert your product details and the built-in AI writer will create the perfect high converting email for you.

Add Up to 1Million Subscribers: You can add upto 1 million subscribers with no limitations on sending emails. You're not capped at all on the number of emails you can send.

Mobile Responsive Software: ProfitReply is a 100% mobile responsive app, which means you can use it from your smartphone too.

Cloud Based App: ProfitReply is a 100% cloud based app, which means you can use it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Marketer-friendly App: You can upload your list of subscribers straight into the app with no double opt-in and no verification required.

Schedule Your Emails: Schedule your emails to go out when you want by using built-in editor with no annoying delays and no downtime.

Optin Form Creator Built-in: It's premium drag & drop opt-in form creator creates attention grabbing optin forms to capture leads.

More Amazing Features:

✅ Built-in dedicated IP pools for best delivery included & preconfigured
✅ Dozens of built-in templates to grab visitors attention
✅ Instant import with no double opt-in or verification
✅ Easy email customization with just a few clicks
✅ Schedule your emails to go off when you want.

ProfitMarc Review - Pros and Cons


  • Complete cloud based & mobile responsive.
  • 100% newbie friendly.
  • Built-in dedicated SMTP sending servers
  • Built-in dedicated IP pools for best delivery
  • Comply with GMail & Yahoo’s February 2024 changes
  • Built-in sending addresses
  • Done-for-you setup of DMARC, DKIM, SPF
  • Ai does all the email writing for you
  • Set & forget email sequences
  • Add upto 1M subscribers
  • Instant import emails with no double opt-in
  • Create unlimited email lists
  • Drag & drop opt-in form designer
  • Send sms texts to anyone right from within the app
  • Build your list with social media
  • No monthly fees, no limits
  • Get step by step training inside.
  • 30 Days Refund policy so almost no risk involved


  • I am totally satisfied with this software.

ProfitMarc Review - Who Can Use It?

  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Internet marketers
  • Newbies
  • Website owners
  • Bloggers
  • Local business owners
  • Marketing consultant
  • Business owners
  • Digital marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Ecom marketers
  • Many Others



Let Ai Write, Upload & Send Emails And SMS Using Our Built-In SMTP Sending Servers (DFY Leads Included)

Finally Cracked: New “Aweber Killer” Cloud Autoresponder Writes Emails For You & Blasts To DFY Leads Daily Using Ai... ... All From Dedicated IPs And SMTP Sending Servers That Come Built-In Without A Monthly Fee, No Restrictions On Importing And No Downtimes!

Here – Let’s Recap Everything That's Inside ProfitMarc

  • Full Email Marketing Platform With Zero Recurring Fees - $997 Value
  • DFY Email Leads You Can Start Mailing Right Away - $997 Value
  • Your Own Dedicated AI Email Writer For High-Converting Emails - $997 Value
  • Built-In Dedicated SMTP Servers Let You Send Free Emails For Life - $497 Value
  • Built-In Dedicated Pool of IPs Get You In Your Customers INBOX - $497 Value
  • Store Up To 1 Million Email Leads On Your Lists - $497 Value
  • Send SMS Text Messages Right To Your Customers Phones - $497 Value
  • Our Own SMS Servers Deliver ANY Link With No Cost To You - $497 Value
  • Instant Import With No Double Opt-in or Verification - $397 Value
  • Schedule Your Emails When You Need - $397 Value
  • Enjoy No Downtime With Our Rock Solid Servers - $397 Value
  • Our Easy Email Editor Lets You Send Interactive Emails - $397 Value
  • Dozens of Built-In Templates To Grab Visitors Attention - $297 Value
  • Use Drag&Drop Opt-in Form Creator To Build Your List - $197 Value
  • Social Media List Building Module Gets You Autopilot Leads - $197 Value
  • 3-in-1 Platform Lets You Mail, Text and Message on Instagram - $197 Value
  • Incredibly Newbie Friendly, 100% Reliable - Priceless

Total Value You Get Today: $7,952

Coupon Code: ‘PROMARC30

ProfitMarc Review - Is There Any Upsells Or OTOs?

Yes, there are currently 5 optional OTOs or upgrades. You don’t really need all of them to use ProfitMarc, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage...

OTO/Upsell #1 >> ProfitMarc PRO - $47 one time

ProfitMarc PRO – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

ProfitMarc PRO DS $10 OFF

Unlock Automated Followups, Unlimited Sending & Premium features with ProfitReply A.I PRO.

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

✅ Send unlimited emails, SMS texts, Instagram messages.
✅ Upload & store unlimited leads and contacts
✅ Get priority sending & delivery so your emails never get queued
✅ Unlock automated follow-ups and sequences
✅ In-house automated List Cleaner removes duplicates & invalid emails automatically
✅ Automatically remove people who never open your emails
✅ Built-in analytics to track how well your campaigns are performing
✅ 300+ done for you email campaigns
✅ Commercial & developer’s license unlocked
✅ Build PRO-looking emails in any niche with premium templates
✅ Auto-backup and restore function unlocked
✅ Get premium support as a Pro customer
✅ Get access to “mobile first” module.
✅ Premium malware protection enabled.

OTO/Upsell #2 >> ProfitMarc Enterprise - $67 one time

ProfitMarc Enterprise – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

ProfitMarc Enterprise DS $20 OFF

Take ProfitMarc to the next level and get 10x more results with ProfitMarc Enterprise upgrade.

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

Done-For-You Campaigns:

Copy & Paste the emails they give you, include your affiliate link and start making money.

Private Cloud Storage:

Keep your emails, bonuses, documents, files or graphics stored safely in the cloud inside it's unlimited storage account.

Deluxe Monetization Features:

Encrypt delivery emails or files with a password, set expiration dates and go deep with deluxe analytics.

Deluxe Traffic Features:

From automated social media sharing to a lead generation module, Enterprise has everything you need on complete 100% autopilot.

Snapchat For Files:

You can now set a time expiration date for emails, so you can share time-sensitive files like bonuses, products, webinars or photos and have them completely disappear after a set time.

Premium Collaboration Features:

You now have the ability to collaborate on the emails & promotions with your assistants, team or other ProfitMarc users.

Outsourcer’s License:

They give you a full outsourcers license too which means you can now share access with your VAs too.

In-Depth Training:

ProfitMarc Enterprise comes with step-by-step training on how to run the perfect video marketing business.

Full 1-on-1 Personal Support:

Reach out directly to the team behind ProfitMarc for in-depth knowledge on how to best use this powerful software to get amazing results.

OTO/Upsell #3 >> ProfitMarc DFY - $39 one time

ProfitMarc DFY – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

ProfitMarc DFY DS $20 OFF

ProfitMarc DFY automates start-to-finish getting you big-ticket commissions and sales like never before.

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

✅ Get Full Commercial Rights to their Bestselling apps that you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits.

✅ Comes with done-for-you affiliate reviews that you can just copy/paste inside ProfitMarc and mail them, or publish them on any site you own, include your affiliate links and start seeing sales hit your account.

✅ Email swipes included. Just copy paste inside ProfitMarc, add your link, get paid 100% profits.

✅ They handle marketing, sales, support, updates, etc. – you keep 100% of the profits.

✅ All done-for-you reviews are SEO optimized to get you easy organic & viral traffic.

✅ OTOs and Upgrades are built-in, so a simple $16 software sale can turn into a $200+ fat commission – all from one single visitor.

OTO/Upsell #4 >> ProfitMarc Reseller - $197 Only

ProfitMarc Reseller – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

ProfitMarc Reseller DS $130 OFF

With this upgrade you can sell ProfitMarc licenses to your clients & keep 100% of the profits. They will take care of all the support...

Check All The Key Features Of This Upgrade,

✅ You’re getting an AGENCY license to ProfitMarc which means, you will keep 100% of the profit by selling this amazing product to your clients.

✅ You can use all the ProfitMarc’s marketing pages, amazing high converting videos and sales copy to make all your sales.

✅ You are getting Done-For-You support which means, they will take care of all the support things.

✅ Free Upgrade 1: ProfitMac Ultimate Promotional Email Pack

✅ Free Upgrade 2: ProfitMac AI Instagram SMS Secrets

OTO/Upsell #5 >> ProfitMarc IMX Bundle - $97 one time

ProfitMarc IMX Bundle – Coupon Code: PROMARC30

ProfitMarc IMX Bundle DS $50 OFF

With the ProfitMarc BUNDLE upgrade, you get a lot of products upfront, then every single week a brand new product will be sent directly to your inbox.

Check What You'll Get Inside Of This Upgrade,

👉 Creator’s all recent best-sellers.
👉 His email marketing system – software and training
👉 Free Whitelabel software you can sell
👉 Free 1-on-1 coaching sessions with 7-figure marketer Radu.
👉 Outsourcing training on how to run a care-free business.
👉 Video marketing software that works, including video creation, protection, distribution, monetization.
👉 Much, much more.


  • Is ProfitMarc Cloud-Based? Yes, It is a cloud-based autoresponder solution easy to access from anywhere. Works with Mac, PC and mobile.
  • Does ProfitMarc Come With Its Own SMTP Servers? Yes, all ProfitMarc accounts get their own SMTP servers and dedicated IPs already included and pre-configured. It’s like Aweber or GetResponse – there is NOTHING for you to do other than upload your list and start mailing, texting or messaging people on Instagram.
  • Does It Cost A Monthly Fee? When you act now, you’re getting one-time access to ProfitMarc without EVER having to pay a monthly fee.
  • Are Others Using It Already? Yes – they have over 20,000 people using their autoresponder infrastructure already. That means you can safely expect us to continue to offer the best possible service, with the best deliverability rates, no downtime, and premium support.
  • Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work? NO – It is seamless and 100% newbie friendly.
  • Is Support & Training Included? Absolutely. By purchasing today you can get instant access to the training portal and the 24/7 support desk.

ProfitMarc Review “Why Should You Get This?”

ProfitMarc software is a lifesaver for both newbies and experienced marketers alike. It's the only cloud autoresponder out there that comes with built-in compliance with Gmail and Yahoo, including the dreaded DMARC update that starts February 2024. It comes with built-in DMARC, DKIM, SPF, SMTP sending servers & dedicated IPs to get you better delivery, low-spam & more.

It gives you the power of mailing your lists with no monthly fees and no restrictions. It's built-in A.I feature writes email contents for you. You jut need to add your product details and done.

✅ Dedicated SMTP sending servers already preconfigured
✅ Dedicated IP pools preconfigured for optimal delivery
✅ Built-in sending addresses and servers are already pre-warmed with Gmail and Yahoo
✅ Done-for-you setup of DMARC, DKIM, SPF, custom domain names, low spam score addresses
✅ Ai does all the email writing for you on autopilot
✅ Just import your list directly (Upto 1M Leads) and start mailing
✅ No double-optin and other verification required for importing
✅ Send SMS messages to ANYONE from the very same app.

Here, the best thing is that ProfitMarc comes with complete 30 days money back guarantee that lets you simply buy this next generation software without any risk.

Further, currently ProfitMarc is available at an amazing early bird offer price so what the heck you are waiting for? Just grab your copy of ProfitMarc right now from this review and start feeling the difference.


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