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Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW


Many people think that the pandemic has caused the real estate market to freeze, but that is not entirely true. Obviously, any industry or field is affected and certainly, the real estate market is also more or less influenced. Although it is no longer as bustling as before, it has certainly never been cooled down and has always been a “fatty” industry for many businesses.

To be able to make money in this niche, you need to choose a new direction. Instead of following the path many people have taken, today I would like to introduce a way for you to make easy profits, take full advantage of the current situation and help real estate companies to get out of the crisis during this pandemic.

The Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed training course helps you become a professional consultant and find solutions for real estate businesses while focusing on finding leads who want to sell their home. You might be thinking how it could be easier than finding a home buyer? Then please visit my article today to see if it really stands out from other products?

Hi welcome to my Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW,

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Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW – THE OVERVIEW

The app creator Mike Paul
Product name Real Estate Rescue – Ai Unleashed coaching program
Front-end price $25.55 (one-time payment)
Sales page CLICK HERE
Bonus Yes, Huge Bonuses
Niche Local Consultant
Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

WHAT IS EXACTLY Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed?

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed is a comprehensive, multi-media training course that opens up a whole new world for you as the go-to consultant in your town who delivers the highest quality home-seller leads and since more lead vendors are hard-selling home buyer leads your future happy clients will pay you a premium for red hot home seller leads instead.

It is simple to understand even a child could follow the simple step-by-step, fully illustrated instructions supported by several over-the-shoulder videos.

WHO MADE Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed?


None other than Mike Paul is the name behind this product. He has been involved in the real estate business with Realtors, mortgage brokers and consultants for more years. For the last 7 years, he has been putting his heart and soul into creating a number of successful niche markets.

Thanks to his thick experience in this field, he has released many high-quality products such as: Local Birthday Leads, Viral Vidio, Live Leads Mastery, Local Job Board Killer, Accelerated Mortgage Lead Machine, The Mortgage Message Move, Social Stir and Real Estate Stealth Leads.


  ♦   The Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed training course

Everyone knows that the real estate market is booming! However, in the current market, many real estate agents would rather work with home seller leads instead of the drudgery of working with home buyers! Home Sellers have the advantage over home buyers.

YOU can also create a local consulting business and have the heart of your enterprise, real estate agents, coming to you… using this same direct-mail lead sucking strategy. And – if you move fast – you may be the one lucky consultant in your area able to deploy it to empower YOURSELF and your realtor clients to cut the ground from right under their competitors.

What’s more, because it’s so obviously ‘must have’, it automatically blows away the biggest barrier to closing the sale – your prospect’s natural human tendency to procrastinate.

And here’s a tiny sneak peek at this revolutionary method that you will have ever seen before:

  ♦   You get 30 Money Back Guarantee

You can take the whole program – including (if you’re quick) that awesome prospecting bonus – for a 30 day road test. That will allow you to experience, first hand, just how ingenious this is and so how simple it is to have future real estate agent clients totally “getting it” – when you deploy that amazing double-barrel bonus, too.

Then, despite all that, if after you test-drive the method and you don’t think my strategy is as mind-blowing and as simple and straightforward to make money with as I claim, just tell me and I’ll return every single last cent of your investment.

When you get this product right now, you’ll also this bonus for free. And don’t forget to check out my exclusive bonuses at the end of this Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW!

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW – THINGS MAKE YOU BUY IT

  ♥   Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed Is For You Who Are Rookie Consultants

Even with zero experience, this program reveals an exceptional new way to make more money and get more clients. Not usually to become an expert, you need to have seniority in the profession with the knowledge accumulated over the years. Only then can you provide the information your customers need and solve their problems when they come to you. After all, real estate is a broad field and requires a lot of experience.

However, with Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed, you can be confident to stand in the ranks of the outstanding consultants because you have the knowledge and experience of Mike Paul, who has been so successful in the industry and has many lessons for himself.

It allows you to access the powerhouse website where you can easily find tons of fresh realtor prospects in one simple step (best bit: it’s FREE to use!). Charge them as much as you want for each time they use your service. These inside secrets – you will definitely totally understand this in an afternoon and be lighting a fire under your eager-to-sign-up realtor clients tomorrow morning.

  ♥   This Training Focuses More On Home-Seller Leads Than Home-Buyer Leads

You know that homes are selling for $20k above, $50k above, $100k above what the home seller initially priced the home for! Before, when it comes to finding home-buyer leads, realtors need to work with long hours, pushing more paper, and being at the absolute mercy of home sellers and home seller’s agents!

Now when looking for home sellers, they don’t have to show more homes than they’ve ever shown before! Because the seller of the house decided to sell the house. The demand for movement is extremely high and you can take advantage of this to help brokers find more clients. Home Sellers have the advantage over home buyers from now on.

Let’s see what the consultants say about their experience after trying Mike’s methods:

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW – PRICE AND UPGRADES

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed FE

The price of the Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed is $25.2 if you take action now.  It is not strange if its price increases twofold tomorrow and you also lose a chance to own it with front-end price. The more time you waste, the more money you will lose. I can make sure you will not find cheaper training like this. The RE agencies need you, use this course to dominate in your neighborhood.

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW – THE UPGRADES

There are some upsell offers attached which include a bunch of useful functions, if you grab them now, you will buy them with a downsell price.

OTO 1: ($37 $57)

The first OTO includes additional training on how to tap a sub-niche of real estate that’s proven to be the most responsive niche the vendor has ever approached. The Real Estate Investor Niche. You subs, with this training, can offer the same service to this niche and enjoy more responses, more leads, more appointments, and more clients!

OTO 2: ($17 – $37)

The Second OTO includes some awesome assets your list can use to position themselves in the best light as the only go-to consultant to real estate agents and investors! They’ll get the following: A professional intake form that doubles as a stealth selling tool, a proposal template, and a presentation video that closes the deal!

WHO SHOULD GO WITH Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed?

This approach is a phenomenal market advantage! You will be showing the way of producing good leads and are quickly impressed with the results.  Taking his advice to stop all the useless methods and use what works allow you to thrive. Everyone can join this deal, feel free if you are:

  ♥   Small or local business

  ♥   Business owner

  ♥   Freelancers

  ♥   Online marketers

  ♥   Bloggers

  ♥   Entrepreneur

  ♥   Ecommerce owner

  ♥   Newbie

  ♥   An online coach

  ♥   Consultants

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed OTO REVIEW – PROS AND CONS


  ♥   It shows you how to approach hungry real estate agents the easy way

  ♥   You can enjoy daily inbound leads for your own business

  ♥   It teaches you how to present and close for a new client in 15 minutes

  ♥   It is the lowest possible investment

  ♥   The highest roi on your service because you keep 100% of the profits (your client pays for all their ads)

  ♥   That low-effort prospecting powerhouse bonus

  ♥   The full ‘test drive’ or your money back protection of  the copper-bottomed guarantee.

  ♥   The warm feeling that you are one of the few, probably the only one in your area, with these priceless secrets in your marketing arsenal.


  X   There are none.


I’m so determined you’ll enjoy stunning success with this amazing new discovery, it also includes this ultra-special ‘must have’ bonus for you to make it a snap to get as many new realtors leads as you can handle. I make sure that you’re well able to grasp the power this amazing assist has to skyrocket your sales, profits, and happiness. Take a jump now when the price tag is affordable for you.

Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed BONUS PACKAGE

REMEMBER! If you buy this product through my link, you can also get these huge bonuses (Please remember that these bonuses are not for the TRIAL or FREE versions):

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:

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Real Estate Rescue AI Unleashed
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♦ Step 2: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt to me at so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.

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