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Sticker Art Made Simple: A Midjourney Guide With Bonus Stickers
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Sticker Art Made Simple: a MIDJOURNEY Guide All About

Are you passionate about designing eye-catching stickers that stand out in the crowd? Look no further!

This comprehensive guide provides you with all the tools and insights you need to take your sticker artistry to unprecedented heights.

Don’t be deceived by the playful Halloween theme – the creative process showcased here is adaptable to any theme or motif. (Although Halloween is coming and there are wonderful stickers ready to sell…)

Your imagination sets the boundaries, so let it roam free!

Here is what you get inside this Midjourney guide:

  • Endless Sticker Prompts at Your Fingertips -Yes, there is a free prompt generator just for stickers! Bid farewell to creative blocks!
  • The key to unlocking the true potential of your sticker art with the “stylize” parameter – Elevate your stickers from ordinary to extraordinary, making them irresistible to your target audience and setting yourself apart from the competition with a tiny change!
  • How to diversify and double your sticker styles with the same prompt – Expand your sticker repertoire without doubling your effort:  one prompt can lead to two entirely different sticker styles, opening up endless possibilities for creative exploration. Craft a diverse range of designs that cater to various tastes, ensuring you appeal to a broader customer base and maximize your earning potential!
  • The Best Aesthetic Styles for Stickers (as well as some color palettes that produce awesome results)
  • How to transform your stickers into market-ready treasures – Learn how to remove backgrounds, enhance your designs, and add a professional white border to give your stickers that perfect finishing touch

Get ready to transform your passion for sticker design into a thriving business venture!

The Midjourney Stickers Creation Guide is your gateway to financial success, empowering you with the tools and know-how to create and sell stunning stickers that leave a lasting impression on your customers and drive your business forward.

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Sticker Art Made Simple: A Midjourney Guide With Bonus Stickers
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Back To School Stickers With Midjourney Prompt Guide
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93 Festive Christmas Stickers with Midjourney Prompt Guide
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check out this generator that will give you some amazing sticker art prompts and then stick around so I can teach you what we can learn from it you can find it at how to slash mid Journey sticker prompt generator I'll leave a link in the description and it's super easy to use you just input your subject and the generator will provide 10 prompts based around it now I recommend keeping your subject simple you don't need to write anything too complicated here like I went with a mouse and then it gives you all of these and the best part is you can copy the whole thing and then paste it right into Discord no need to type forward slash imagine every time alright let me give you a tip ahead of time do not use any aspect ratio other than the square one by one here's what it looks like with the 16x9 and what mid-journey is going to do is it's going to try and fill out the entire frame and that's not really what we want when it comes to sticker art this is the same prompt and this is much more of what we're looking for a Mouse sticker content warm colors Disney Contour Vector white background detail I'm going to show you the other nine prompts from the generator but then I'm going to analyze the prompt and show you what we can learn from it oh these are gorgeous you can see how happy they are and that comes from the word joyful but also cool colors is what brings in that rainbow palette oh these are crazy adorable sure but geometric that's the big one that's what divides it up into these little pieces these are the most simple of the bunch I'm sure and that comes from the word minimal art Brew style is going to bring you these very intricate designs inside of your sticker the word detailed also affects that oh these are great electric colors also we'll give you that rainbow Vibe oh here's a good example of what primary color can get you a very very simple yellow blue and red number two that's pretty great muted colors I like a lot and I think it works really well for a mouse in particular all right exhilarated certainly puts a hep in their step anime I think adds to that Vibe as well but here's one thing I want to point out tertiary color I don't know how significant that is the real idea of a tertiary color isn't well represented by mid-journey here tertiary is supposed to be a mix of one primary color and one secondary color I don't think you see that quite but mid Journey still does something where it's added this blue greenish tint to some of the designs although it is clearly evidently there I'm not sure you can rely on using the word tertiary color to get any consistent layer to your image if you know what I mean the same thing goes for secondary color in this design maybe you get a green in this Leaf from that word but I wouldn't count on it primary color though that is the one where you will get a red a yellow and a blue most likely so what can we learn from that prompt and how can we apply it moving forward let's take a look at an example we have a mouse stick thicker joyful cool colors digital art Contour Vector white background detailed and breaking that down I believe we can find some sort of formula that we can then apply to different situations but it goes something like this instead of a mouse we have a subject this could be anything you're looking for then the word sticker definitely hugely important can't get sticker art without the word sticker then you include the mood of the prompt followed by a style of colors now this is not red or blue or anything basic this is your electric colors your warm colors your cool colors something that describes the palette of the scene next in the prompt you'll have your art style which would be something like digital art then the words contour and Vector I believe those are particularly important but I'll go on to show examples of what these prompts look like with and without those words the last two things you need is a colored background I recommend white or black but I suppose you could choose any color you want and the last thing to include in your prompt is the level of detail this would be something like the word detailed or you could use a word like minimal or intricate something along those lines for the record some of the moods that you could include are content joyful adorable lovely cute Blissful energetic exhilarated now those all describe kind of one spectrum of a mood you can include the other side of anger and spite really any mood you can think of as far as style of colors go we're talking warm colors cool colors satin colors dark muted colors electric primary and then as far as art style I think when it comes to sticker art I would recommend keeping it cute the other examples from The Prompt generator are Disney digital art geometric minimal Disney Pixar art brute art toy anime I'll just point out one last time you can include any art style that you want based on that formula I came up with this as the subject I chose a Mouse sticker then for the mood I went with triumphant the style of color I went with neon anime as the art style that and Contour Vector I chose a black background and I included the word detailed what do you think of the results uh I'm I'm quite pleased with these I love specifying neon as the color in one of these Generations I think it really did a good job in Triumph it certainly brought the pose and the vibe to the picture but what else can we learn from this I experimented and I excluded some of the words from the formula this generation does not include the word detailed do you see a difference I'm not entirely sure number one I wouldn't say so but number two definitely and number three as well not very detailed keep that in mind you don't necessarily have to specify minimal you could just exclude certain words that would otherwise bring in a level of detail now I brought back in detail but I excluded the word Vector what does Vector bring to the table I'm not entirely sure I know that mid Journey cannot create Vector images and for those of you who don't know a vector image is something that you can create at a small size and when you blow it up it retains the level of detail you originally had these are not traditional Vector images I'm not sure what mid-journey sees as the word Vector however after experimenting I don't think it's wrong to include it in your prompt and if you notice a difference please let me know like in this generation I have the word Vector but I excluded the word contour and what does contour refer to it's basically an outline especially one representing or bounding the shape or form of something now I think this is quite noticeable do you see all the extra details that get added around the outside of the mouse like these light shows going on without the word Contour the image seems to expand the frame I'll go back to a previous generation with the word Contour you'll notice it's all kept in a formal shape I think you could argue that didn't happen in number three but in number two and number four it's quite clear what Contour brings to the table and here I actually excluded both words Contour door and Vector out of the two of them I think Contour is the most valuable although you might like the design of something that isn't restrained however if you were actually making a sticker a real world sticker these images would be pretty hard to produce in real life in terms of the cropping that needs to go on like in number two it would be pretty hard to get this shaped as a sticker number three I think you could crop number one you could crop and honestly number four you could crop as well but I think if you're using this prompt practically I would include the word contour for sure all right I've got two more lessons for you and the first is regarding the stylized value I would claim this as a master tip use the stylized value and as a side note you can write the stylized value in your prompt in two different ways the first is dash dash stylize space and then a number but you can abbreviate that to dash dash s space and then your number between zero and a thousand like here is my prompt with the stylized value of 100 and I guess I should point out that what the stylized value actually does is the higher the number the more creative mid-journey can get while the lower the number the more literal mid-journey is going to take your prompt so if you know exactly what you want I would specify a lower stylized value however if you're using some vague terms or you just want to see what mid-journey is capable of bump up that stylized value and you'll be in for a treat so here's my prompt with a stylized value of 100 I think most people would point out that a lower stylized value is going to create some uglier images but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you might like what you see here it is with s 500 I'd say these are already pretty different than what you would get without specifying the value I like number one I like number two that he's kind of holding up a neon sword and number four is pretty strikingly beautiful but look at what the stylized 1000 can get you now there are over 4 billion seeds in mid-journey so it's kind of hard to make any definitive claims about a certain parameter however in my experience I really do recommend a high stylized value you can get some sick stuff like I like number two a lot and you know what number three as well I like that speaking of seeds here's my last lesson for you and how do I put this your seed number is tied to your specific Pro meaning if you write a long prompt and include a seed number you're going to get a specific picture and whenever you re-roll that prompt you're going to get basically the same picture 99.9 percent the same when you include the same seed number however if you change the wording just a little bit even if you include the same seed number you're going to get a different set of pictures your seed number is tied to your prong let me show you visually here's my prompts and I specified seed number 1199 and It produced these images here's the same prompt same seed number member except I excluded the word robot and included dash dash s 100 these are completely different pictures so seed number 119 for that other prompt made those pictures and seed number 119 for this prompt made a new set of pictures I don't want to overwhelm you but when someone tells you they have a magic seed number I hate to say I don't think it's true I don't think it matters I don't think you can make any definitive claims because just changing the prompt a little bit or just adding something will give you a whole nother 4 billion generations and then here's another mini lesson for you here was s 100 but here was s 500 same seed number and you can see it's literally the same picture here is stylize 1000 with that same seed number so when you specify a seed number the stylized value basically loses all of its power that might be a little overwhelming and a lot to take in let me go through a quick recap I want you to use that sticker prompt website to get a good spread of Generations but remember the formula you're looking at a subject the word sticker a mood a style of color an art style the words contour and Vector a specific colored background probably black or white and then include a level of detail and the last thing to remember is that you can include different stylized values to really spruce up your photos however don't include a specific seed or the stylized value is not going to get you anywhere leave a like on this video If you learned something new I hope you're doing well take care and I'll see you next time peace