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Tube Hero


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Tube Hero 3.0 is a Brand New Masterclass Reveals The EXACT Methods I’ve Been Quietly Using To Generate Massive FREE Traffic And Build Overnight Authority In ANY NICHE Using The Power Of YouTube.

Are you tired of trying methods that just never seem to work like they say? Unfortunately, there are so many courses and online methods out there that promise to give you what you need to create a life-changing online business. But that’s the big problem… All they talk about is all the BIG MONEY you can supposedly make. You see the numbers… You get excited. You buy the course… And once you get inside, you quickly find out. It’s Some Old, Rehashed Method You’ve Seen Before…

The training is weak and doesn’t really show you step-by-step how to get the results promised. It’s a ‘quick cash’ loophole that doesn’t really give you a solid foundation for building a real online business. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The difference between success and failure online boils down to TWO BIG things. Big Thing #1 – AUTHORITY. Think about it. If all things were equal and you had the choice of buying something from someone that’s well-known in your niche or a completely unheard of person, which one would you buy from? THE WELL-KNOWN PERSON.

But the bottomline is this. Having Authority Can Be The Difference Between This. And This. Big Thing #2 – Steady Supply Of Quality Traffic. This one is huge and one of the big reasons you’re not getting the results you want online right now. Think of a major player in any niche. Because they have authority, they have a solid following via social media or with an email list, and with a few clicks they can get hundreds of even THOUSANDS of eyeballs on any PRODUCT OR SERVICE they want to promote. Even if the offer sucks, with enough traffic, you WILL make money. Unfortunately, most training courses and methods just gloss over how to actually get traffic. But lucky for you, a few years back, Paul Nicholls quietly cracked the code to create a CULT-LIKE following in any niche using easy-to-create YouTube Channels like Tube Hero 3.0.

Thanks to Paul Nicholls, I get the results I wanted

That’s the great thing about this training. He’ll show you how to get started NOW even if you’ve never made a video before in your life. You don’t need special lighting. You don’t need any special technical skills. You don’t have to spend any money to get started. Even if you’re shy and not well-spoken, I’ll show you a simple trick to quickly create quality video content that gets results (and in many cases, you’ll get BETTER results if your videos come off as genuine, authentic, and not professionally created). Get Tube Hero 3.0 And Discover A ‘Tried And True’ Method For Generating Massive Authority And FREE Traffic In Any Niche… Even If You Have No Knowledge In That Niche And You’re A Total Beginner.


Vendor Paul Nicholls
Product Tube Hero 3.0
Front-End Price $13
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Social Media 
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


  • Step-By-Step Video Training: Find out exactly how to get started quickly, even if you’ve never made a penny before in your life. He’ll take you by the hand and show you the exact steps from A to Z. With Tube Hero 3.0, You get to see everything right over my shoulder, so this is perfect for you if you’re a beginner or you’ve never created a YouTube channel before. He’ll show you my insider tricks for creating a YouTube Channel that quickly generates a following and starts getting views. You’ll see the fastest way to create video content with your smartphone, even if you’re camera-shy and never created a video in your life. You’ll find out what makes a quality video and how to create content that generates authority in ANY niche quickly. Plus, you’ll see exactly how to scale your YouTube Channel up quickly for tons of FREE traffic that you can send to any offer.
  • ‘Quick Start’ Guide: Get up and running fast with this easy-to-follow quick start guide. This goes hand in hand with the video training. Perfect for those that want to jump right into the action, have some experience, or you just want something to refer back to quickly once you’re up and running.
  • Results-Getting Video Template Guides: Follow along with these guides and he’ll help you create video content fast. When you use these template guides, you’ll be able to quickly create videos that get views and ultimately result in building your authority. He’ll show you how to maximize authority and FREE traffic in ANY NICHE using only your smartphone
  • Case Study: From Beginner To Niche Authority Expert in Just 90 days: Inside this case study, you’ll see how he went from a completely unknown person to niche authority in a matter of just 90 days. You’ll discover exactly how he chose this niche. How he got the entire channel up in a matter of minutes. The simplified method he used for creating content fast… even though he wasn’t knowledgeable in this niche. How he got views quickly, become recognized as an expert, and turned it into a long term, successful online business.


  • If you’re tired of the hype and looking to create a legitimate online business, you’re in the right place with Tube Hero 3.0.
  • Step-by-step masterclass takes you from beginner to expert overnight
  • With Tube Hero 3.0, Everything you need to get your YouTube channel off the ground is included inside
  • This entire masterclass is loaded with training that is current and PROVEN to work RIGHT NOW
  • No stones are left unturned – Tube Hero 3.0 is truly a COMPLETE masterclass for becoming a YouTube Channel Creation Expert
  • You don’t need any special video equipment to do this
  • He’ll show you how to get started today even if you’ve never made a video in your entire life
  • Step-by-Step ‘Quick Start’ training included
  • Get access to ‘Done For You’ resources and ‘Cheat Sheets’
  • Quickly create authority, even if you’re just starting out online
  • If you’re tired of fighting for quality traffic, this is THE BEST way to get all the FREE traffic you need quickly and easily.


  • Do I have to pay a monthly fee when I get Tube Hero 3.0? There is no monthly fee and the price is highly-discounted when you get this now.
  • What if I’m a complete beginner? Perfect. Tube Hero 3.0 is 100% beginner friendly and I show you everything you need to do to get results.
  • What’s included inside Tube Hero 3.0? You get: Step-By-Step Video Training, Quick Start Guide, Video Creation Template, Real Life Case Study, Bonuses
  • Will this work in any niche? That’s the best part… This works in ANY niche.
  • Do you offer a money back guarantee? Yes, you get 30 days to make sure this is for you, and if you change your mind for any reason, let us know, and they’ll send you a refund.
  • What kind of results can I expect from Tube Hero 3.0? He’ll show you how to instantly build authority and get free traffic fast… even if you’re a total beginner and you’re entering a brand new niche.
  • Why should I get my hands on this RIGHT NOW? The price is going up soon, and eventually he will be offering this only as a high ticket masterclass priced at no less than $997. The good news is. Even though this is worth many times the small investment, why pay more than you have to. Get it now to lock-in your discount before the price goes up.


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