TubeTraffic AI – What is TubeTraffic AI?

TubeTraffic AI – Hacks Into YouTube’s 800 Million Videos

Hi and welcome to my TubeTraffic AI Review. I’m Darius from Reed Ratings where I give honest digital product reviews along with awesome bonuses for products I truly believe in.

And today we have TubeTraffic AI. So, my goal is to help you make an informed decision so you don’t end up wasting your money.


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TubeTraffic Ai Review: Boost your YouTube marketing with this revolutionary AI-powered app. Drive targeted traffic & convert it into cash effortlessly.

Get started today & save $384 with a one-time payment. Experience the game-changer in YouTube marketing.

Vendor: Pranshu Gupta
Product: TubeTraffic AI
Launch Date: 15.09.2023, 11 AM EST
Front End Price: Starts at $17
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Refund: 30 Days Money Back

What Exactly Is TubeTraffic AI?

TubeTraffic Ai is an AI-powered app that revolutionizes YouTube marketing. With the ability to legally hack into YouTube’s massive library of videos, users can redirect views to their desired links or offers.

This powerful tool utilizes AI technology to generate thousands of extra clicks, driving targeted traffic to users’ preferred destinations. There is no need to create videos or invest in expensive advertising.

TubeTraffic Ai does all the work, allowing users to effortlessly generate passive income. Not only does it drive traffic, but it also converts that traffic into cash, making it a game-changer in the world of YouTube marketing.

Its unique features and AI capabilities have received rave reviews from satisfied customers, guaranteeing customer satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

TubeTraffic Ai is a revolutionary AI-powered app that offers an incredible opportunity for individuals and businesses seeking to boost their online presence and drive targeted traffic to their preferred destinations.

TubeTraffic AI Review

With its powerful features and proven results, TubeTraffic AI is a must-have tool for anyone looking to maximize their earnings and thrive in the competitive world of YouTube marketing.

Through comprehensive scientific research and evidence, TubeTraffic Ai has proven its effectiveness in generating thousands of extra clicks for free.

This is made possible through its innovative AI technology, which allows users to legally hack into YouTube’s vast library of 800 million videos and redirect their views to any link or offer of their choice.

The ability to access such a massive pool of content presents unparalleled opportunities for users to reach their target audience and increase their online visibility.

Certifications and endorsements further reinforce the credibility of TubeTrafficAi. This powerful app has garnered positive feedback and praise from satisfied customers who have experienced the undeniable benefits it offers.

Endorsements from industry professionals and experts add an extra layer of confidence in the effectiveness and reliability of the product.

Now let’s jump into the next section of my TubeTraffic AI Review to find out more about TubeTraffic AI pricing and upsells.


TubeTraffic AI Pricing & Upsells

Front End Offer is the main software TubeTraffic AI which will cost you $17. Also, the frontend access doesn’t depend on any of the upgrades to work, it works fine just on its own BUT it is also limited.

Now, there are currently 6 upsells. You don’t really need all of them to use TubeTraffic AI, but they might come in useful depending on your situation and usage.

Upsell 1: TubeTraffic Ai Unlimited – ($47)

  • Unlimited Videos/Channels or Businesses
  • Unlimited Projects/Business & Bandwidth
  • Get 5 Stunning and ready-to-use fully customizable video players
  • Customize your player with 8 attractive and eye-catchy frames
  • 50+ Lead & Promo templates
  • Get hordes of traffic for your offers by getting your videos forcefully shared on top social media platforms.
  • Video Personalization – Show viewer’s name, e-mail address & location inside video on any particular duration for better engagement & conversion
  • Create a personalized e-mail link of the video
  • Viral page customization
  • Instantly capture leads from all your visitors as they interact on your VIDEO PAGE
  • Webinar Integration
  • Add Unlimited Team members
  • UNLIMITED custom domains

Upsell 2: TubeTraffic Ai DFY – ($297)

  • Get Everything Done for you
  • DFY Package To Sell High Ticket Offer

Upsell 3: TubeTraffic Ai Agency – ($67)

  • 100 / Unlimited Agency License
  • Sell It To Anyone You Want And Keep 100% Of The Profits in Your Pocket on Main Product
  • No Product, Sales Page, Marketing Material Creation
  • Quickstart – Software Biz. 3 Steps. Keep 100%

Upsell 4: TubeTraffic Ai Maximizer – ($47)

  • Commercial License Included
  • Deep analytics (Stats: Location, Device, Technology)
  • MAKE MORE – Unlock our Advanced Advertisement technology for better monetization with Video Ads, Image Ads, Text ads or Even Show an Html Page Right inside videos
  • Advance campaign & project management system
  • Cater viewers from various countries and demographic locations with the same video
  • Replace video anytime without losing any data
  • Compare stats for various videos and find out the best performing ones
  • Advanced CRM Integration
  • Premium Support

Upsell 5: TubeTraffic Ai Reseller – ($167)

  • Sell It To Anyone You Want And Keep 100% Of The Profits in Your Pocket on Main Product
  • No Product, Sales Page, Marketing Material Creation
  • Quickstart – Software Biz. 3 Steps. Keep 100%
  • 100 License $67
  • Unlimited License $167

Upsell 6: TrafficTube Ai Whitelabel – ($297)

  • Rebranding
  • Add Your Own Logo & Brand Name


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  • Tracking pixels: Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixels available.

Custom Bonus 3: Free WP Video Reviews PRO

TubeTraffic AI wp reviews bonus

The beauty of this plugin is that for every page you have on your website you can have a different video widget for every page. For example: for the home page you can have a video, for an article you can have another video, for a blog post you can have another video.

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  • 100% Responsive
  • Selection multiple pages and videos
  • Play video from the beginning when it is clicked/tapped
  • Add Call To Action Button with types of options
  • Scroll to a block on a site page
  • Add URL to open other page
  • Calling a popup window, launching a quiz, etc.
  • Button color settings
  • Ability to disable widget on mobile or on desktop
  • Select Widget location
  • Widget color settings

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  • Notifications & campaigns statistics

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Features and Benefits

Advanced AI Technology

TubeTraffic Ai utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to streamline the process of driving traffic to desired destinations.

Through its intelligent algorithms, the app generates targeted clicks for users, eliminating the need to create videos or invest in expensive advertising.

This feature allows individuals to generate passive income effortlessly, saving time and resources while maximizing earnings.

Seamless Integration and Niche Versatility

Seamless integration with all the top APIs ensures that TubeTraffic Ai provides users with a hassle-free experience.

The app works flawlessly in any niche, allowing individuals and businesses from various industries to take advantage of its powerful features.

This versatility enables users to reach their target audience effectively, irrespective of the nature of their business or the market they cater to.

Legally and Ethically Infiltrating YouTube’s Servers

TubeTraffic Ai stands out by providing users with a legal and ethical way to infiltrate YouTube’s servers, gaining access to a wealth of content.

With just three clicks, users can tap into the app’s AI model and start receiving endless clicks in any niche they desire.

This feature ensures that users can drive targeted traffic without violating any rules or compromising their integrity.

Conversion of Traffic into Cash

TubeTraffic Ai not only focuses on driving traffic but also on converting that traffic into tangible revenue. Users have reported making hundreds of dollars daily using the app, without any need for upfront spending.

This feature offers a lucrative opportunity for individuals and businesses to monetize their online presence effectively.


Product Quality

TubeTraffic Ai is designed with utmost precision and attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality user experience.

The app boasts a wide range of voices and languages, allowing users to cater to their target audience in a personalized and engaging manner.

The realistic voice changer adds an element of authenticity and professionalism to the content, enhancing its appeal to viewers.

Customer testimonials further establish the excellent product quality of TubeTrafficAi. Satisfied customers have praised the app for its functionality, reliability, and customer support.

The positive reviews and feedback attest to the app’s ability to deliver excellent results and exceed expectations.

The app also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, exemplifying the developer’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

This allows users to try out TubeTraffic Ai risk-free, knowing that their investment is protected and that they can explore the app’s features and benefits without any financial risks.

What It’s Used For?

Successful utilization of TubeTraffic Ai involves understanding its diverse applications and how it can be leveraged to achieve specific goals. Here are some key uses for the app:

Boost Traffic to Websites or Offers

TubeTraffic Ai enables users to efficiently drive targeted traffic to any link or offer of their choice. By legally hacking into YouTube’s extensive video library, users can redirect views from popular videos to their own destination.

This feature empowers individuals and businesses to increase their online visibility, generate leads, and boost sales.

Increase Subscribers and Engagement

TubeTraffic Ai can be instrumental in growing subscribers and engagement on YouTube channels. By redirecting views to one’s channel, users can gain a wider audience and increase their subscriber base.

The app’s AI technology ensures that the traffic generated is highly relevant and likely to convert, leading to increased engagement and interactions with the content.

Monetize YouTube Channels

For those aiming to monetize their YouTube channels, TubeTraffic Ai offers a powerful avenue to achieve this goal. By driving targeted traffic to videos featuring advertisements or sponsorships, users can increase their earnings through ad revenue.

The app’s ability to convert traffic into cash presents a lucrative opportunity for individuals to capitalize on their online presence and turn YouTube into a profitable venture.

Promote Affiliate Links and Products

TubeTraffic Ai is an excellent tool for promoting affiliate links and products. By redirecting views to landing pages or offers with affiliate links, users can earn commissions for every sale made through their unique links.

This capability opens doors for individuals to become successful affiliate marketers, leveraging the vast reach of YouTube to drive sales and generate passive income.

Product Specifications

Compatibility All operating systems and devices
Integration Seamless integration with all top APIs for a smooth user experience
Languages and Voices Wide range of languages and voices with a realistic voice changer
Money-Back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction
Pricing Options One-time payment option available, saving $384 compared to a monthly subscription
Support Responsive customer support for any queries or technical issues

Who Needs This?

TubeTraffic Ai caters to a wide range of individuals and businesses who are seeking to establish a strong online presence and excel in YouTube marketing. This powerful app is beneficial for:

  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Content creators
  • Internet marketers
  • Social media influencers
  • Small and medium-sized businesses
  • Affiliate marketers
  • YouTube channel owners
  • Digital marketing agencies

Regardless of the industry or niche, anyone looking to increase their online earnings, drive targeted traffic, and boost their YouTube channel’s success can benefit from TubeTrafficAi.

Pros and Cons


TubeTraffic AI is revolutionizing the world of YouTube marketing through its AI-powered technology and versatile features. This powerful app empowers users to legally hack into YouTube's extensive video library and redirect views to their desired destinations.


AI-powered technology for effortless traffic generation

Ability to legally infiltrate YouTube's servers ethically

No need to create videos or invest in expensive advertising

High-quality audio and realistic voice changer

Positive customer reviews and testimonials


You need to buy at least one upgrade to unlock more features.


Here are some frequently asked questions about TubeTrafficAi:

Is TubeTraffic Ai legal to use?

Yes, TubeTraffic Ai operates within YouTube’s terms of service and ensures that users can legally and ethically redirect views to their chosen destinations.

Can I use TubeTraffic Ai in any niche?

Yes, TubeTraffic Ai works effectively in any niche, allowing users to tap into targeted traffic regardless of their industry or market.

What kind of support is offered?

TubeTraffic Ai provides responsive customer support, assisting users with any queries or technical issues they may encounter. The support team is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

How long does it take to see results?

The speed of results may vary depending on various factors such as niche competition, campaign strategy, and content quality. However, many users have reported seeing significant results within a short period of time.

What Customers Are Saying?

Customers who have experienced the remarkable capabilities of TubeTraffic Ai are highly satisfied with the results. They praise the app’s user-friendly interface, powerful features, and ability to drive targeted traffic.

Many have shared success stories of earning substantial income and growing their online presence through effective utilization of TubeTrafficAi.


Overall Value

The value proposition of TubeTraffic Ai is undeniable. With its advanced AI-powered technology, seamless integration, and ability to legally and ethically redirect views in any niche, this app offers immense value for users seeking to excel in YouTube marketing.

The positive reviews, certification, and endorsements further solidify its reputation as a game-changer in the industry.

Moreover, the one-time payment option allows users to save $384 compared to a monthly subscription model, making TubeTraffic Ai an affordable and cost-effective choice for achieving long-term success and maximizing online earnings.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize results and ensure the most effective utilization of TubeTrafficAi, consider the following tips:

  1. Conduct thorough research on your target audience and niche to understand their preferences and interests better.
  2. Craft compelling and engaging landing pages or offers to effectively convert the traffic generated by TubeTrafficAi.
  3. Regularly analyze and track your campaign performance using relevant analytics tools to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy.
  4. Experiment with different voices and languages offered by TubeTraffic Ai to cater to a diverse audience and increase engagement.
  5. Engage with your viewers and subscribers through comments and community interaction to foster a loyal and active audience base.

The Final Verdict: Is TubeTraffic AI Worth It?


TubeTraffic AI is revolutionizing the world of YouTube marketing through its AI-powered technology and versatile features.

This powerful app empowers users to legally hack into YouTube’s extensive video library and redirect views to their desired destinations.

By eliminating the need to create videos or invest in costly advertising, TubeTraffic Ai enables individuals and businesses to effortlessly generate targeted traffic and maximize their online earnings.

Through seamless integration, a wide range of languages and voices, and realistic voice changer, TubeTraffic Ai ensures a premium user experience and high-quality content.

The app’s ability to convert traffic into cash, coupled with positive customer testimonials and a 30-day money-back guarantee, establishes it as a reliable and effective tool in driving success on YouTube.

Overall, TubeTraffic Ai is a game-changer in the field of YouTube marketing, offering a powerful solution for anyone seeking to thrive in the competitive online landscape.

Grab your TubeTraffic AI license now completely risk free. Your investment is covered by the no hassle, money back guarantee. Thank you for reading my TubeTraffic AI Review. I’ll catch you up in my next review article. Bye for now!

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Video review for Front End only

hey guess it's Chris with affiliate tuber and in this review I'm going to talk about tube traffic machine now as you can see here I'm in the members area and I also installed this on a wordpress site that I want to take you in also and there's different reasons why you would want to use this plug-in and theme and I'm going to go over those here in a minute but first under this video in the description box you'd want to find some resource links and there's also a link that goes to my website where you can learn about upsells one-time offers pricing there's gonna be some special pricing going on at the launch of this and also some bonuses that you can pick up if you happen to buy tube traffic machine through my website so be sure you check that out if you're interested in this ok so you can see here I'm in the members area and there's a place here where you can download a wordpress plugin and a wordpress theme and there's also videos I highly suggest you watch these videos because there's some settings in this theme that may require you watching these such as getting the YouTube API key and how to set it up it's not complicated so don't don't hear that and think oh no I can't do this because even if you're a complete beginner these videos make it crystal clear how to do it and besides that you'll be learning how to do something new so go for it ok so let's go into my website here that I set up at tuber lab calm now this is just like a test site that I have so the this theme may not be up when you guys come check I may have something else installed on here I just randomly put different things on here that I try so tube traffic machine this is your theme options now before I get into this let me show you a little bit about it okay so this is one of the home pages there's three different home pages you could have set up and currently I have it set up to import videos from my youtube channel and you can have this to import videos from any YouTube channel so one of the main things that they say is about this product is that it's used for traffic and it can be definitely used for traffic you can go to channels that are trending channels are extremely popular and you can have it set up so where your WordPress site will check that YouTube channel every hour for new videos and if it post one it will embed that video on your WordPress site it'll take their content spin it and put it as the post content and then you can have it to link back to their YouTube video to your YouTube video you can have a link to wherever you want it to go and so because those are brand new videos they're gonna get ranked very well and you should get a lot of traffic from them now I may use a couple sites like this for that but my main purpose of using this site is not for that what I like to do with these kind of sites is to build my own video networks and so that's kind of what I'm doing here as you can see I'm using my own channel to import my own videos and if I went and bought a high authority expired domain I could put my WordPress site on that one import all of my channels or all of my videos from a YouTube channel onto it and that would give me some really high authority embeds that are going back to my video and I can even link back from my post to my video to help it rank much better in Google so that's just an idea you may want to consider if you're thinking about buying tube traffic machine so let me go in here and show you what a post looks like so we click on it you're going to see where your video does get embedded so here's the title of it YouTube video click play it's gonna play it you got your title you got the actual date of the video you have where people can share it they can comment you have the description here pulled from the YouTube description and down here at the last sentence you'll see this is something that you can add in the setting so you can add any kind of content to show up after the description or even before the description I'll show you how to do that in a minute and so I have mine just linking back to the home page now it does have good internal linking structure which helps with search engine optimization and you can see down here it has it linking out to four other videos using the title of those videos which is really great okay so that's just one of the theme layouts there's two others there's the default let me save it and show you what it looks like go to the home page okay so this is what the default one looks like and in my opinion I think like this one the best now you can go in the settings and you can change the options that are over here and the collars and the fonts and all that too but this one here I really like and then there is the viral magazine it has more options for posts or for ads so if you want to advertise okay so you see here put some videos up here has latest trending a place to search videos there's an ad your latest one and then it has your videos down here and also some ads down here too but all the posts are going to look similar so if I go into this one you're going to see it has the embed description and everything else is the same so really these theme options changes the home page is what it changes and you can choose between light and dark you can change your logo and a logo in the navigation now here's where you can change your collars you can change the fonts there's different options for your home page settings for ads and your blog layout the number of posts your article settings you can read through here and see some of the settings for category pages you can set up your own social media accounts for your footer text and if you want to upgrade to the reddit version that's available here by putting your license code in there okay let's go into the plug-in now so if we're going to plug in you can see here this is where I have my affiliate tube or channel link to it and this is my channel ID and over here it says content overlays this is something else you can add your videos you can actually add overlays to your videos to show up after a certain amount of time so if you want to promote something on those videos you can and I have a set up to check every hour for a new video on my channel now the way this works is that every hour it's going to check and import one video it won't mass import all your videos at once it'll do one to time every time I check so if you have it set for one hour it'll import 24 videos a day now the other thing you can do is if you want a lot of videos to show up at once you can just come over here and click manual update click ok and this number 12 will change to 13 right there where it up where it added another video so you can manually update that as many times as you want to import new videos okay so how do you set this up you go into edit you can see here I have my name if I have my account set up for Twitter LinkedIn and Tumblr I can have it to auto post to these social sites every time it adds a new video you choose your YouTube channel source type here if you want to find videos based on a channel user a playlist or a keyword and then down here you can choose your post default your default post status and then here's options for your content that shows up under each video that it post here's the sharing information if you want the video date to show before after the video or disable it if you want the video description content to show or you can add your own content to show up before the video which you can paste it you can paste it in here and you can have links in here or whatever you want or you can have content showing after the video which is what I showed you that I had and that's this link here with just going back to the home page and this will post this every time a new videos added to your WordPress site if you have set up overlays you can choose which one you want to show here your update interval it goes from one hour to one month and all these in between if you have the upgraded version you can have custom buttons added and down here you can remove YouTube description links or replace all links with your own URL then you click Save and that's it now other than that the only thing you have to do is in your settings you're going to go in here and you're going to add your YouTube API key so if I click this you're going to see here this is where you're going to add your API key you can adjust the width and the height of your YouTube videos and you can also create your content overlays here and this is where you set up your Facebook Twitter Linkedin and tumblr accounts used if you want it to syndicate each of your videos to these once it posts them on your WordPress website this is tube traffic machine a great theme a great plug-in depending on what you want to use a for great for traffic especially if you want to go after those channels that get tons and tons of views set it up to import or embed their videos on your site as soon as they get uploaded and you're gonna see some traffic coming in as soon as your post gets indexed in Google and other than that you know I recommend for a lot of you that's doing video marketing and working on high authority YouTube channels I'm gonna recommend that you go out there and find some high quality expired domain names and buy them set them up on a wordpress installation and install this on it so where you can import your own videos from your channel one to that website and then it that'll add a lot of embeds it'll add links back to your YouTube channel and your YouTube videos to help get a better rankings in Google so that's my review of tube traffic machine I hope you guys enjoyed it please check out the other videos on my channel I've got tons of reviews on here for all kinds of products and even training videos for affiliate marketing and video marketing and don't forget to check out those links under this video and subscribe to my channel if you found this useful thanks guys and have a great day 6 videos NOW PLAYING Building An AI Affiliate Website VIDSociety Updated today 14:30 NOW PLAYING How To Add AI Content To Your Affiliate Website VIDSociety 5K views 1 month ago 19:25 NOW PLAYING How To Build An Auto-Blogging AI A