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TurboHost VPS OTO PRO, DFY, Unlimited, Ai Site Builder, CloudDrive, SEO App, Agency, Video Hosting, DFY Traffic, Agency: There are two free offers and 9 one-time offers. The first TurboHost VPS OTO is the PRO Version, the second is the Unlimited Version, the third is the Ai Site Builder Licence, the fourth is CloudDrive, the fifth is the SEO App Version, the sixth is the Video Hosting Version and the seventh is the VideoReel DFY Traffic Version from TurboHost VPS OTO. Other down sells exist. Every detail >>>

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OTO 8: TurboHost VPS Agency – Coupon Code: TURBOHOSTAG
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Front End Details

Your data’s security and safety is of utmost importance to PostgreSQL Support. The TurboHost VPS OTO offers superior PostgreSQL support for maximum performance and dynamic scalability.

Nginx Support: Our comprehensive Nginx support and optimized server configurations allow you to quickly load pages. It is simple to manage and configure your Nginx environment with the TurboHost VPS OTO CLI interface.

NGINX Reverse Proxy: Easily route web browser requests to your application using NGINX reverse proxy. Maintain the security of your website and applications while boosting performance.

HTTP/2 Support: With HTTP/2 support on all of our servers, you’ll enjoy faster page load times and enhanced site performance. Enjoy the newest web technologies without any concerns.

Ruby on Rails: TurboHost VPS OTO servers are optimized for Ruby on Rails, enabling you to develop dynamic web applications quickly and easily.

Git Support: Combine version control with TurboHost VPS OTO’s comprehensive Git support to monitor your source code and track changes in real-time.

Nodejs Manager: Our Nodejs Manager allows you to manage Nodejs applications with ease. Maintain your applications’ compatibility and functionality without difficulty.

Docker Containers: Rapidly scale your applications by deploying and managing Docker containers on servers.

VPS Hosting: Get the best performance from our virtual private server (VPS) hosting plans, which are fully customizable and tailored to your precise requirements.

100+ Extensions Catalogue: TurboHost VPS OTO provides a 100+ extensions catalog, allowing you to choose from a variety of CMS, shopping cart, and other software applications with ease.

Self-Repair Toolkits: Keep your server running smoothly with TurboHost VPS OTO self-repair toolkits that automatically detect and resolve issues before they become problematic.

PCI DSS Compliance: With PCI DSS certification, guarantee that your customer’s data is secure and compliant. The highest level of security for online transactions is provided by the TurboHost VPS OTO servers.

Server Health Monitor: Track performance and availability with the server health monitor, which provides detailed analyses of system resources in real time.

Cloud Backups: With AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, you can back up your data quickly and securely to the cloud.

eCommerce Toolkit: Build a successful online store with the TurboHost VPS OTO eCommerce toolkit, which includes everything you need for secure transactions and customer satisfaction.

Multi-PHP Manager: Using TurboHost VPS OTO Multi-PHP Manager, you can easily manage multiple PHP versions on your server. Maintain the efficiency and security of your applications.

Multi-Language Support: Extend the reach of your website with TurboHost VPS OTO’s multi-language support, which enables you to localize content for customers around the globe.

Crontab Access: Schedule tasks and automate processes with Crontab access, allowing you to save time and focus on other important responsibilities.

50+ Apps – One-Click Install: Installing software applications is simple with the 1-click install of 50+ popular software apps, such as Joomla!, WordPress, and Magento.

SSH Terminal Access: Maintain the security of your server with SSH terminal access, allowing you to configure and manage your server from anywhere in the world.

Email Spam Assasin: Easily and quickly eliminate spam emails with the Email Spam Assasin feature that automatically filters out unwanted messages.

Webmail – Horde / Roundcube: Access your emails on the go with TurboHost VPS OTO webmail, which supports Horde and Roundcube email clients.
Remote API: Integrate your applications with the Remote API so that you can control your server from anywhere on the planet.

Web Application Firewall: Protect your website from malicious attacks with TurboHost VPS OTO web application firewall (WAF) monitoring for suspicious activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of the TurboHost VPS OTO PRO version?

The TurboHost VPS OTO PRO version offers superior PostgreSQL support for maximum performance and dynamic scalability. It also includes Nginx support, NGINX reverse proxy, HTTP/2 support, Ruby on Rails optimization, Git support, Nodejs Manager, Docker container management, VPS hosting, and more.

How can I back up my data with TurboHost VPS OTO?

You can back up your data quickly and securely to the cloud using services such as AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, which are integrated with TurboHost VPS OTO.

What security features does TurboHost VPS OTO offer?

TurboHost VPS OTO provides PCI DSS compliance for secure online transactions. It also includes a server health monitor, self-repair toolkits, a web application firewall (WAF) for monitoring suspicious activity, and SSH terminal access for secure server configuration.

Can I install popular software applications easily with TurboHost VPS OTO?

Yes, TurboHost VPS OTO offers one-click installation of 50+ popular software applications, including Joomla!, WordPress, and Magento, making it easy to set up your preferred software.

What email-related features are available with TurboHost VPS OTO?

TurboHost VPS OTO includes an Email Spam Assasin feature to filter out spam emails automatically. It also supports webmail clients like Horde and Roundcube, allowing you to access your emails on the go.

How can I manage multiple PHP versions on my server with TurboHost VPS OTO?

TurboHost VPS OTO offers a Multi-PHP Manager, which allows you to easily manage multiple PHP versions on your server. This helps you maintain the efficiency and security of your applications by using the appropriate PHP version for each.