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WP Essentials OTO Review

Elevate Your WordPress Experience With 4600+ Premium Resources


In the dynamic world of website development, themes and plugins have emerged as critical building blocks that shape the digital realm. These assets hold immense value for web designers, developers, and fervent WordPress enthusiasts.

However, the real challenge lies in the daunting task of sifting through the vast sea of themes and plugins to pinpoint the ones that align perfectly with your vision. At the same time, cater to your unique requirements, and ensure a seamless website-building journey.

Fortunately, there’s a solution at hand – WP Essentials. This innovative WordPress tool provides you with unfettered access to a treasure trove of over 4600 premium themes and plugins. It simplifies the selection process, offering a one-stop shop for all your WordPress needs.

So, are you intrigued to learn more? Join this comprehensive WP Essentials OTO Review now. Explore how this tool can revolutionize your WordPress experience, streamline the website creation process, and amplify your online presence.


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WP Essentials OTO Review – The Overview

Vendor Abhishek A Jain et al

Product WP Essentials

Front-End Price $15



Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Product Type Software

Support Effective Response


Recommended Highly Recommended

Skill Level Needed All Levels


WP Essentials is an amazing app that lets you get more than 4600 top-quality WordPress and WooCommerce themes, plugins, and extensions without any cost! It’s the fastest way to make WordPress websites, blogs, and online stores, and it’s super simple:

  • Step 1: Install and activate WP Essentials on your WordPress site.
  • Step 2: Choose and install any theme, plugin, or extension from our huge collection of 4600+ WordPress tools using the easy dashboard.
  • Step 3: Easily manage your themes and plugins all in one handy dashboard.



Abhishek A Jain is the visionary behind WP Essentials, a groundbreaking WordPress tool that has revolutionized website and online store creation. With a deep love for web development and a sharp focus on innovation, Abhishek has dedicated himself to making WordPress user-friendly for people of all skill levels.

His unwavering commitment to making premium WordPress themes, plugins, and extensions accessible to everyone has transformed WP Essentials into a game-changer in the industry. Some of his notable projects include Ai Vidioze, xVideos AI, Big Shift, HumanAvataars, AI StoriMate, and many more, showcasing his exceptional talent.

What Are The Primary Attributes?

This robust WordPress solution grants you access to over 4600 premium themes and plugins, all for free! Thanks to the GPL (General Public License) of WP Essentials, you can enhance your WordPress sites, boost traffic, generate leads, and grow your business.

You can even utilize these themes and plugins on client websites. Simply add WP Essentials to your site in less than 30 seconds and wave goodbye to expensive annual fees. Offer your services and set your prices. It’s a game-changer for WordPress!

This product serves as your all-in-one solution for crafting impressive, revenue-generating websites and e-commerce stores. Discover what it provides in my WP Essentials OTO Review:

Unlock premium WordPress & WooCommerce themes and plugins without breaking the bank

Gain access to an extensive library of top-notch branded WordPress & WooCommerce themes, plugins, and extensions at an incredibly affordable one-time cost. Save thousands compared to monthly or yearly expenses.


Explore the world’s largest themes and plugins library

Dive into a vast library of over 4600 premium branded WordPress & WooCommerce themes and plugins, ready to use for 15+ popular niches.


Install on any site in just 30 seconds

Swiftly set up the WP Essentials Plugin on any WordPress site in a mere 30 seconds. A small one-time investment takes care of all your WordPress needs. Download themes & plugins directly from the all-in-one dashboard.


Bookmark your preferred plugins & themes

Effortlessly bookmark your favorite WP and WooCommerce items for future downloads, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches.


Effortless personal site management dashboard

Access a convenient website management dashboard to oversee everything from a single master dashboard. Store site names, domains, WP-Admin links, and notes. Streamline the management of all your personal sites.


Convenient client management dashboard

Leverage a client management dashboard to keep track of everything from a central master dashboard. Store client names, domains, WP-Admin links, contact details, rates, and more. Efficiently manage all your clients’ sites.


User-friendly master dashboard

Manage all your themes and plugins from a unified dashboard. Install any WordPress and WooCommerce plugins, themes, and extensions in just 30 seconds directly from the all-in-one master dashboard.


Robust built-in search feature

WP Essentials boasts a lightning-fast search engine for rapid results. Simply type the WordPress or WooCommerce item you’re seeking in the WP Essentials library, and receive instant results.


Customize your dashboard to your liking

Customize the dashboard to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a Card View or Table View for personal and client site management.


Enjoy live previews & access documentation links

Preview themes before downloading with live previews. Access documentation links for themes and plugins to maximize their potential.


Access step-by-step training

The app includes step-by-step training materials, ensuring a quick start with no technical skills required. Get up and running in as little as 24 hours with no steep learning curve.


100% safe, secure & legal downloads

Enjoy completely safe, secure, and legally sound installations and downloads under the GPL license. Install and download for yourself and your clients without any limitations.

Commercial rights included

Take advantage of commercial rights to sell themes & plugins at your chosen price point, effortlessly generating profits.

Furthermore, you will receive the following bonus completely free of charge:

Promo Code: EARLYWPE5OFF ($5 OFF FE)

WP Essentials OTO Review – How To Deploy It

First of all, you need to enter email and password to sign in:


You will be landed on the main dashboard like this:


You will see the button to download the WPEssentials plugin here on the homepage:


Moreover, you need to add it to your WP:


And click on “activate”:


Next, you will activate the license to use all plugins, and themes inside WPEssentials for free:


In seconds, you will access the vast library of more than 6000 plugins and themes:


You can see there are many Woo themes here:


Just download the theme that you want to install for your site:


If you want to learn more about any plugin and theme, you can check detailed information here:


+ Manage Personal Sites:


You will reach the dashboard to manage all sites here:


You just need to add details of the domain here:


Then, you will add the client domain by filling in all the information here:


And that’s it. You will have beautiful sites with many plugin and theme options for free. All installation processes will take one click and be really easy.

For more details, please watch the using instruction video below:

WPEssentials Plugin Demo Video

Compelling Factors Influencing Your Choice To Invest In This Product

WP Essentials is your gateway to an extensive library featuring over 4600 themes and plugins. With the Commercial License, you have the authority to sell these premium resources to eager buyers and WordPress site owners, all at a price point of your choosing. This translates into the potential for significant profits while delivering invaluable assets to your clients.

Moreover, the demand for skilled WordPress designers and developers is steadily increasing. Businesses and marketers are willing to invest generously in top-tier services. With WP Essentials‘ vast collection of themes and plugins, spanning more than 15 hot niches, you possess the tools required to provide these highly sought-after WordPress services. This positions you strategically in a lucrative market.

Furthermore, businesses and marketers actively seek digital marketing professionals to optimize their websites and content. Ultimately, they aim for enhanced performance in Google rankings. This WP Essentials is the comprehensive solution you’ve been searching for to expand your offerings in website optimization and digital marketing services. This empowers you to consult clients to resolve website issues and propel their businesses to new heights.

By harnessing the diverse capabilities of WP Essentials, you not only elevate your service offerings but also align with the evolving demands of the digital marketplace, positioning yourself for remarkable success.

Let’s now take a moment to compare WP Essentials with other services and features available in the market:

And it’s no surprise that so many individuals have expressed their utmost satisfaction with their experience using this exceptional product:

WP Essentials OTO Review – What Is The Amount That Needs To Be Paid?


WP Essentials is currently available at an unbeatable price of only $15.

With WP Essentials, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a game-changer for your WordPress projects. But that’s not all—your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 30-day money-back refund policy. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days, just contact the support team and you will get a refund for your investment—no questions asked.

Remember that don’t wait until the price goes up, seize this opportunity to enhance your WordPress capabilities today, risk-free!  Act now and secure your copy at this incredibly low price.

Promo Code: EARLYWPE5OFF ($5 OFF FE)

WP Essentials OTO Review – THE OTO DETAILS

Prepare for even greater excitement because there’s more on the horizon! This fantastic tool is unveiling enhanced versions designed to elevate your website’s aesthetics. Let’s delve deeper into what these upgraded versions have in store:

OTO 1: Pro Unlimited ($64/Lite – $147/Gold)

Downsell: $15

OTO 2: DFY Profit Stream ($298)

OTO 3: Image Editor ($64)

Downsell: $9

OTO 4: Agency ($297/100 License – $298/500 License)

Downsell: $197/100x Unlimited License – $97/500x Unlimited License  

OTO 5: DFY Client Membership ($96/6m – $199/One year – $298/Lifetime)

Who Should Try It?

WP Essentials is designed to benefit a diverse audience, including:

  • WordPress Enthusiasts: Simplify website creation with access to premium resources.
  • Web Professionals: Streamline work, access a vast library, and enhance client services.
  • Marketers & Business Owners: Optimize websites and boost online presence with digital tools.
  • Freelancers & Agencies: Offer comprehensive WordPress services effortlessly.
  • Entrepreneurs & Startups: Create a professional online presence without technical expertise.
  • Content Creators: Improve websites for greater engagement and audience growth.
  • Anyone using WordPress: Enhance your WordPress experience, regardless of skill level.

In essence, WP Essentials caters to a wide range of users, making WordPress more accessible and powerful for all.

WP Essentials OTO Review – Pluses & Minuses


  • Extensive Resources: Access to over 4600 premium WordPress and WooCommerce themes, plugins, and extensions.
  • Cost-Effective: A one-time fee offers exceptional value compared to individual purchases.
  • Commercial License: Allows you to sell themes and plugins, potentially generating income.
  • User-Friendly: An intuitive dashboard makes installation and management easy for all users.
  • Time-Saving: Eliminates the need for searching and purchasing themes and plugins individually.
  • Versatile: Suitable for beginners and professionals looking to enhance their WordPress experience.
  • Digital Marketing Tools: Includes plugins and tools for optimizing websites and increasing online visibility.
  • Support and Updates: Ensures security, updates, and ongoing support for your website.


  • Initial Learning Curve: While the dashboard is user-friendly, new users may still need some time to familiarize themselves with its features and functionalities.


With a vast library of premium themes, plugins, and extensions, WP Essentials simplifies website creation, enhances functionality, and boosts online presence—all at an incredibly affordable one-time cost. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, its user-friendly interface and extensive collection cater to your needs.


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WP Essentials OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only


Hello friends welcome to my WP Essentials review WP essential is the first to Market software that unlocks 4600 premium branded workplace and woocommerce themes and plugins for free there is a built-in app search engine to find install download themes and plugins also you can add to any site in less than 30 seconds and charge top dollars to the client for premium branded plugins themes and extensions now I am inside the simple dashboard of WP Essentials and here I'll provide you a small demo of the product but how exactly this tool works but before going into the demo I like to mention that one link is given in the video description below and that is my affiliate link and if you purchase the product through my affiliate link you will get 33 extra bonuses from my end and all the bonuses will be delivered inside the Oriole plus purchase dashboard next to your purchase product and if you want to know what are the extra bonuses you will get you will get total 33 extra bonuses Unstoppable traffic video marketing Playbook which page profits blogging for profits online money machine chat about uncovered par affiliate list for affiliate link with your crypto Market or secret email marketing system conversion equalizer WP Suite page plugin affiliate marketing profit kit one video course on sales funnel Auto content machine YouTube Dash WP slideshow Master plugin video Watermark one click sketch I will also put this Buddha's page Link in the video description below so you can check what are the extra bonuses you will get now come back to the simple dashboard of WP Essences and here I'll provide you on small demo of the product so there are three steps basically step one you need to download the plugin Step 2 use below email for license activation you need to activate the license and third step is use below key for the license Activation so this is the key for the license activation so now come to the step one you need to download it so click on download plugin is now downloaded inside my computer now I want to open my WordPress dashboard now come to the plugin section and add new and upload plugin choose file so this is the plugin open and install now activate plugin and here it is WP Essentials so click on WP essential sales here and activate license here so click on activate license here so we need to put the email address so the email address is given here so copy the email address password enter your web login password and the license status is now active choose this email address so this is the email address you need to use so this system email address you need to copy and paste that and we need to use the password to open this interface that means whenever we are going to login inside the WP Essentials dashboard when we are using on password so we need to use that password and this is the license key and this is the license key we need to use here and the license status will be active click on WP Essentials https://oto-links.webflow.io/posts/wp-essentials-oto and here we'll find out all the plugins extensions and everything so come to the all section and here there are free plugins are there these are free plugins so you can see from here five seconds no Christmas Joy generator so we need to install it just one click and it will be installed inside the WordPress website so that is extremely easy come to the my collection section and inside the my collection section nothing is available now so WP plugins so these are the plugins are available here so we can use any plugins load mode so these all are the plugins sticky ads Advanced MP ads so these are the plugins as per your requirement you can add inside your workplace website so this is extremely simple now come to the wp theme section so these are the themes are available nightclub so these are the themes are available AIT nka WP theme AIT in speed aspiration WP theme band WP theme so these are the themes are available so load mode and here you will find out lot more themes so as per your requirement you can install the theme just one click installation is there and also come to the woocommerce extensions there are various woocommerce extensions are available to check out inline checkout for the woocommerce add product apps for the woocommerce you just need to install it and it will be installed inside your WordPress website woocommerce themes are also available so these are the woocommerce themes are available here and come to the band section and here you will find out the Bands admin column Pro MP4 WordPress automate to cart flows designs Elementor so these are the things are available here so load mode from here so this way you can install any kind of plugins through commas WP themes newcomers extension woocommerce themes are available so you can use any themes and also you can use it for your client and now come to the dashboard again and here you'll find out the manage personal site from here you can manage the personal site so add personal domain from here so here you need to put your domain name WP admin link and here I need to put the domain nickname and note if you want to put any note you can put so this so you can add the domains also so you can manage the personal size by using these options now come to the manage client section come to the manage client you can manage your client at client side and here you need to put the client name and email at this contact info domain address of the comment client domain address and WordPress admin login link price license key and the notes so this way you can add the client domain also and now come to the done for you size so done for you sites are available I click here to update the plan so here I need to upgrade the plan to use this done for you size and also other upgrades are available like agency reseller so this way you can easily install the plugins and themes inside your WordPress website and also you can manage the personal size and also you can manage client size so inside this dashboard you can clear the client account and you can sell the plugins and themes and extensions to your clients so this is on excellent app here you will find out lot of plugins extensions and theme and also you can sell this to your clients the link is given in the video description below for your ready reference and that is my affiliate link and if you purchase the product through my affiliate link you will get 33 extra bonuses from my end and all the bonuses will be delivered inside the Audio Plus purchase dashboard next to your purchase product so that's all about WPS review and a small demo if you like this video hit the like button and also subscribe my YouTube channel and also don't forget to hit the Bell notification because whenever I publish a new video you will be get notified instantly so thank you for today bye bye